Serge, with the new CT (SG?), it is easy to put these in the order you tasted them using the “Tasting Stories” feature or on the old CT using a “Tasting Event”.

But thanks for the notes anyway. Sounds like a fun evening.



Nice notes.

There’s a guy in my tasting group up here who, after every Italian tasting, puts his arm around my shoulders and says “Ken, buy me Italian wines. You buy them, I’ll pay for them. Just help me fill my cellar.” My reply is always, if you tell me this when you are sober, I will do it, but not until. This has gone on for years. I can only assume he doesn’t remember it the next morning or the next tasting, because he’s never said a word at any other time.

Sounds like a robust evening - Happy B’day Alan!

Depends who is on which end of the leash.

Yes to all of the above, lol.

Glen, thanks for the well wishes…

Serge, after two nights of drinking approx. 20 bottles of wine, I was very slow to move this morning and don’t take any promises I make while under the influence as the gospel.

As for the order in which we consumed , here ya go. with my notes

•1997 Beringer Vineyards Chardonnay Sbragia Limited Release - Wine is in it’s golden age. I don’t think Serge understands that this wine will not live the long life as what we have come to expect from White Burg’s, Monty’s etc. It just isn’t built that way. Cali Chard’s don’t live as long as their french counterparts. I give it 5 years max left in its life. I would consume within next year or two. Nose was apricot and peach, mid palate complex and coated the mouth, finish was not really long. It was a pleasant wine and I will buy some more if I can get my hands on any.

•2007 Shibumi Knoll Chardonnay Buena Tierra Vineyard - a good, NON-Oaky Chardonnay. I enjoyed this very much and it will improve with age, but for a young Chard, it was a good wine. nose was floral, peachy, mid palate very simplistic, finish rather good. Longer than expected.

•1996 Etude Cabernet Sauvignon - Typical of a 1996. Somewhat thin on the palate. Nose was good, not overly alcoholic. I would say finish was somewhat short. I did enjoy this wine and it was the perfect starter. I am not as down on this wine as Serge is, but it was outshined by most others last night.

•1998 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Georges de Latour Private Reserve - This was a special request by me. I have had this wine over the years and always enjoyed it. When Andy told me he had some of this I asked if he wouldn’t mind bringing some. One of the few really good wines made in 98 . A difficult vintage ! The only wine from 98 I like better is Merryvale Profile 98.

•1997 Staglin Family Cabernet Sauvignon - Here come the big boys. This was a 1.5L and the wine was absolutely excellent, my third favorite of the night. The nose was spot on, palate complex and coated the mouth, nice blueberry,. leather notes, integrated oak and just a well done wine. Finish wasn’t very long, but this wine can live another 5-10 years easy. I am very happy to see how some of these 97’s are holding up. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A+

•1996 Araujo Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard - From a 1.5L bottle. Wine held up much better than the 96 Etude. This was a stunner and is probably in its prime. Will not improve, so drink up if you got any. Nose was somewhat muted.

•2005 Araujo Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard - What can I say about this wine, but AMAZING ! Fruit forward and not overbearing. Nose has rasberry, strawberry, folral notes and the mid palate was just weighty and keet on putting weight on as it got more air time. This was on #2 WOTN. TBrad, who brought this to me as a birthday gift agreed this was #2 of the night.

•1997 Merryvale Profile - While this was the last bottle of the evening, my palate was still very much alive and this wine once again proved not to disappoint. A wonderful Bordeaux blend that can stand up to many of France’s finest. I have a total opposite believe of this wine then Serge. Nose had a very nice bouquet, finish lasted a good 30 seconds. The mouthfeel was totally integrated, this wine is at its prime but will hold for years to come. Maybe it will get better, but I don’t care if it does, its that good. MY WOTN as well as Brad’s WOTN.

Overall it was a great birthday wine night.

Hey all,

Nice notes on a what seems to have been a nice tasting.

I guess what strikes me here are '98s. I’m in the “I’ve had GREAT success with these” Camp. I don’t even know that that camp exists, probably just me.

Every time I have a ‘98 I pleased, always surprised and wishing more was around. 1998 Opus is still a rockin’ wine. Love the Profile. Sinskey’s Bordeaux blend was dumped that year claiming “Wine-damaged labels and boxes.” Those wines went on mrkt at a song, and they ripped.

1998 was poorly judged in my mind.

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