Cali Wine hunter: 13 Ridge Estate Cab $34

Cali mega grocery retailer Vons is running their annual 40% off 6+ sale…quite a few attractive options this go-round incl 12 Tablas Creek Esprit Blanc @ $32, 14 Geyserville @ $27, 12 Smith Madrone Cab @ $36, 14 Virage Cab Franc Rose @ $17.

I didn’t have any trouble at all filling my cart :astonished:

Damn. We never get deals like this at retail in Illinois.

Yea that’s insane. I just bought a smattering at $50 each.

Thanks for the tip!

Anyone want to make a Von’s run for a brother?

Do you have a Safeway or Albertsons. Sometimes have the same merch.

Neither, I’m rural.

We have Safeway and Albertsons and their wine selections are aweful.

Yep, same here in AZ. The nice safeways that have a separate “cellar” section will have some decent wines, but I definitely have not seen any of those.

2012 Tablas Creek Esprit Blanc! Fill the trunk that stuff.

Our Safeway had a similar deal but the locusts are waiting at the door at that time of year so they’re long gone. I bought three bottles. A friend bought 15.