Cali Pinot TNs - MacPhail, W.H. Smith, Radio Coteau

I really enjoy Cali Pinot - here are some recent TNs —

MacPhail Goodin 2004 - light, ruby, translucent color - cherries, strawberries, spice, vibrant acidity, no heat, only complaint was a somewhat short finish - really good. glad i have another. fantastic, underrated producer.

W. H Smith Maritime 2005 - this is the best showing of this wine i have had - coming into its own with cherries, rhubarb, wood with a great soft and silky mouth feel

W. H. Smith Sonoma 2007 - year in, year out one of the best values around for pinot - upfront fruit, nice tang/acidity

Radio Coteau Alberigi 2005 - i thought the nose was better than the taste - earthy, spicey, plummy finishes with tea and citrus

  • Scott

Thanks, Scott. I agree on the W.H. Smith Sonoma. While I’ve not had the '07, the Sonoma bottling is indeed a great and consistent value.

The W.H. Smith Sonoma 2007 reminded me more of the successful 2005, than the 2006 - both were drinking well immediately on release…the 2006 took longer to wake up