Cali Cab night

My notes are a bit shorter than usual tonight.

2004 Blankiet Estate, Paraise Hills Vineyard This was a nice wine that was a bit hot and a bit oaky as it sat in the glass. It is a nice wine, but it already on the downslpe and tasting a bit old. It also fell apart as it sat in the glass, so I would advise drinking this sooner rather than later. Only 1 vote for WOTN. 90 points

2005 Trefethen Halo Easily the most unheralded Can estate in Napa. Their 98 was WOTV, and this one is also very good. However, it too fell apart after about 30 minutes, although it cam back a bi ater more air. A good wine, but I guess don’t linger over it? Still, I liked it a lot. 93 points

2005 Shafer HSS I have had this wine three times, and it is awesome every single time. I am a French guy, not a California guy. Still, is there any winery that gets it right year after year like them? No, not really. 98 points. WOTN by me ane everyone else. Gained every vote possible.

2006 Phelps Insignia This is a favorite estate of mine, with the 97 being as good as it gets in California. The 05 is excellent, but they also pull some big boners, including the 2001 which is a horribly overrated wine. This wine is every bit as bad as teh 2001, and maybe even worse. Who would pay $200 for this? There is ntohign there. A little fuirt. Thats it. no finish. No palate. No nose. No complexity. 85 points.

2006 Paul Hobbs Beckstoffer To Kalon Well, there is just nothing wrong here. This wine has it all, and it continued to open up in the glass as the night eneded. I lost faith in the 06 vintage with Insignia, but regained it here. 96 points. 10 votes for WOTN.

2005 Duckhorn Cab A decent wine, a bit green. If it was priced well, I’d have it with dinner. 87 points.

2007 Shafer one point five a very nice wine. No problems here. Not terribly complex or long lasting, but you’d drink this with dinner anytime. 92 points.

Didn’t realize the 05 HaLo was being sold.

Took a look at their website and it does show a pairing with the 04.

Would you recommend buying the 05 or more of prior vintages?

Is that 06 Hobbs at its best yet?

Thanks for the notes.

Bob, how many bottles of Shafer HSS do you drink a year?

I did not have the 04 Halo, but I had every other wine they make from 04, and all of their cabs were awesome. I loved their high end cab reserve (one step down from the Halo) so I cannot see how the Halo would not be great. If it were me, I’d try the 04 preferentially.

Not enough, apparently. [smileyvault-ban.gif]

Seriously, our tasting group has it every year at least once, because I write about it a lot, someone always seems to bring it to an OL for me (thanks Otto!) and because I am not into aging my cal cabs, I drink my allocations fairly quickly. So, while most people buy more than I do, their bottles are sitting in the cellar unopened and unloved. [whistle.gif]

Look, i like my Cabs young. California’s charm and verve is how great their wines drink young. So, I am biased here. But, if I had this wine in my cellar, I’d be drinking it over the next 3 years. And having a good time while doing it.