Caldo de Pollo with Carignane

Last night we had a light supper, after a few days of indulgence, of Mexican Chicken Soup, chicken meat, carrots, celery, corn, zucchini, potato, rice, onion, garlic, and chipotle chile in a rich chicken and vegetable broth. With the chipotle the soup was physiologically hotter than the red chile stew Wednesday at Maria’s, the perspiration made it to my temples quickly and eventually to my forehead. The red chile stew only made ti the bridge of my nose. This soup was only hot to taste in the finish, unlike the stew which was rich and medium hot throughout.

The chicken soup wasn’t too hot to enjoy with a 2001 Ridge Carignane ‘Buchignani Ranch’ - rich dark fruit, with barely enough acidity, and very little tannin; just enough fruit and acidity to work with the soup. All was enjoyed with Gilbert and Sullivan Overtures playing in the background.

Then for dessert we had TJ’s chocolate bars (always good after spicy food) with another nice 2006 Susana Balbo ‘Virtuoso’ Late-Harvest Malbec, while watching several episodes of Andrew Zimmern’s exotic food show (via TiVo).

My soon to be seven year olds both love that show.

And you have me wanting something very spicy for lunch!


What did you have for your spicy lunch??