Cabot Vineyards- Somethings old, somethings new..*extended*

Its a pleasure to be apart of the 11th Berserkerday once again. Weve sifted through our library wines and put together packs that show the agebility of our wines, as well as a selection of recent vintages. Were offering a flat rate of $20 on six packs, $30 on cases for all states other than Ca. California orders will be charged $10 for six packs and $20 on cases. Thank you all for the continued support over all the years. Cheers

Humboldt Zin Pack- $120 6 Btls
These Zinfandels are from our estate vineyard called Marier. Its a 45 degree slope at 1500 elevation. It was planted in 2005 on its own, native roots, and is head pruned like the old vineyards in Ca. Were extremely happy with the freshness, purity of fruit and acidity we get from Zinfandel at Marier. Were very proud of these three wines.
2 btls- 2016 Humboldt Zinfandel- 93% Zinfandel, Marier, 7% Syrah, Kimberlys
2 btls- 2016 Zinfandel Tributary, Marier- 80% Zinfandel, 10% Syrah, 10% Viognier. All varietals co-fermented, 50% whole cluster
1 btl- 2016 Zinfandel Marier- 100% Zinfandel 100% stem inclusion- Syrah stems from hand sorted, ripe stems from Kimberlys Vineyard
1 btl- 2014 Klamath cuvee- 70% Zinfandel Marier, 15% Syrah, Kimberlys, 10% Cab Franc, Marier, 5% Viognier, Marier

Aged Cabernet and friends Pack- $180 6 Btls
2 btls- 2004 Confluence- 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot- Old Mill Vineyard, Humboldt County
2 btls- 2007 Confluence- 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 25% Syrah- Old Mill Vineyard
1 btl- 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon- 93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc- Old Mill
1 btl- 2009 Confluence- 40% Merlot, 30% Malbec, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah- Ishi Pishi Ranch

Aged Syrah Pack- $150 6btls
2 btls- 2010 Syrah Humboldt- 100% Syrah, 100% whole cluster
2 btls- 2011 Syrah Humboldt- 100% Syrah, 100% whole cluster
2 btls- 2012 Syrah Kimberlys- 93% Syrah, 7% Viognier co-fermented

Newbie Syrah pack- $150 6 btls
These new Syrahs are from our two , organically farmed estate vineyards in Orleans, on the slopes above the Klamath River in Humboldt County. These are the northern most Syrah Vineyards in Ca. Kimberlys vineyard is our winery block. A 10 degree slope in front of the winery chosen for its extremely rocky, mineral laden soil. It has the exact soil type and rock as the famous vineyards in Cote Rotie, composed of Shale, schist, and quarts. It was planted in 2003 with own rooted vines, giving it the purest expression of the variety. The wines are fruit driven, structured, and mineral laden when young but develop earthy, meaty, bacony flavors with age. This 2016 will last two decades effortlessly.
The Marier Vineyard was planted in 2005 on steep slopes at 1500 ft elevation. We planted a mix of Hermitage clones, on low vineyard rootstock, with a bit of Viognier mixed in for co fermenting. This 2016 Marier is gorgeous with deep ruch fruit, loads of peppery spice and great minerality. It has a very Corbier type personality, which is rare in Ca. Syrah. Each Syrah was aged 23 months in 3 yr old French oak in order to let the vineyard and varietal shine. Theres no perceptable oak at all.
2 btls- 2016 Syrah, Kimberlys- 92% Syrah, 8% Viognier co- fermented
2 btls- 2016 Syrah, Marier- 100% Syrah, whole cluster
1 btl- 2016 Syrah, Humboldt- 66% Syrah, Kimberlys, 34% Syrah, Marier
1 btl- 2016 “The Hills”- 60% Syrah, Marier, 40% Cabernet Franc, Marier

Pinot Pack, Anderson Valley- $180 6 Btls
1 btl- 2011 Pinot Noir- Nash Mill Vineyard
1 btl- 2012 Pinot Noir- Anderson Valley
1 btl- 2013 Pinot Noir- Anderson Valley
1 btl- 2013 Pinot Noir- Nash Mill
1 btl- 2014 Pinot Noir- Anderson Valley
1 btl- 2016 Pinot Noir- Anderson Valley

Pinot Pack, Humboldt County- $150 6 btls
These Pinots are our first Pinot Noirs from Humboldt County. Lost Coast Vineyard in Petrolia, was planted in 1998 to a mix of dijon clones and has been dry farmed for the last ten years. It is THE closest vineyard to the ocean in Ca. at just 2.7 miles from the water. Its a cold wind swept spot that produces tiny yields of golf ball size clusters. The wines are high in acid and very Oregon/ Sonoma coast like in character with their earthy mushroom and forest notes, light to medium body and bright acidic red fruit. The Elk Prairie Vineyard was also planted in 1998 with a clonal mix of Martini, Pommard, 115, 677, and 777. Its been organically and dry farmed for its 21 year existence. Its a slightly warmer site yielding characters of red fruits, orange peel, and spicy notes.

2 btls- 2015 Pinot Noir Humboldt- 60% Lost Coast Vineyard, 40% Elk Prairie- aged on all neutral French oak
2 btls- 2015 Pinot Noir- Elk Prairie- aged on 20% new French oak
2 btls- 2015 Pinot Noir- Lost Coast- Aged on all neutral French oak

Please go to and click on “Berserkerday wines”. Weve made it easy to purchase. Please email me at or if you have any questions.
*We are unable to ship to Ar, Ak, Ms, Ky, and Ut
Thank you all for your continued support!
John Cabot

I believe I say this every BD … damn you John … [cheers.gif]

John, you ship UPS, correct?

Answer was yes via e-mail, order in for aged Syrah pack, thanks!

If you haven’t had any of John’s wines, get that aged Syrah pack and never look back. Can’t believe there are any left of those!

the biggest news for Cabot lovers is that John’s back making Syrah after three (?) years of smoke damage preventing it! Wish I could make Falltacular so I could try them!

That’s the ticket, no doubt. I was floored by his Syrahs when I first tried them. Thrilled to be able to restock at this great price.

Thanks Nick. We lowered our prices from years past to make it a bit more enticing! I appreciate all the support.


Thanks John … [cheers.gif]

Does anyone have an opinion on either the Zins or the Pinots?

Snagged some aged Syrah! Thanks John

The zins have just been released so no notes there. They are a cool climate style with good acidity and purity of fruit.
There are lots of notes on about the Anderson Valley Pinots.

Heres some notes
written by a couple of berserkers at Falltacular last year about the Humboldt Pinots.

Mike Grammar wrote:
2015 Cabot Humboldt County Pinot Noir

“These are John’s first PNs and he made an impression with everyone today. Elevated cherry and bits of nutmeg for me here. On palate, it’s not shy but it is controlled with some cedar and sarsaparilla beside cherry fruit. Solid.”

2015 Cabot Elk Prairie Pinot Noir

“Very evocative, both in the bouquet and on the taste. So much perfume and pure red fruit. Has some zip and shows its youth but promises a long life with plenty of verve and carry. Give 4 years, this has a ton of potential.”

Arnold Caplan wrote:
Cabot Lost Coast was my WOTD

2015 Pinot Noir Lost Coast
February 17, 2018 - Fragrant nose of crushed berries. Stem and light toast. Rhubarb, tart raspberries, and medium plus acidity. Good stuff.

Mike Grammer was referring to these being my first Humboldt County Pinots.

I have purchased the aged Syrah a few times before, and have done so again.

Thanks Ian, and everyone else who purchased today!.

The Syrahs and Pinots are no joke. The Syrahs age fantastically. The ones around 10 years old are starting to show very well for my palate.

I took the 13 Cabot Anderson Valley Pinot bagged along with a 17 River Marie AV Pinot to a dinner Frank put on about ten months ago. John’s Pinot was favored by a wide margin.

Damn you John. Too many great offers. [truce.gif]

Yeah. Those older Anderson Valley wines are starting to show nice secondary characters. Thanks for reppin!

In for an aged Syrah pack. John I just sent you an email in regards to the shipping address.

Thanks John. Always thrilled to pick up more of the aged Syrah (and the newbies!)

My pleasure Jeff! Thanks for your continued support!

In for the aged Syrah as well…so much for BD constraint.

+1 - I will not defend my title but still giving it the old college try…