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Hello everyone. Growing grapes on the edge of the wilderness in deep northern CA has been extremely challenging in recent years. Weve been experiencing serious forest fires that have caused varying degrees of smoke taint in the wines from our estate vineyards in 2013,14, and 15. Each vintage was either declassified or dumped. We had to make some brutal decisions regarding these wines, but we made the best choices for our consumers and our brand. So you won’t see any Syrahs or Zinfandels from those years.

Fortunately, in 2015, we signed contracts with two of the finest vineyards in the Southwest Humboldt region. These vineyards were far from the fires in 15 and there was no impact.

Located in the Fruitland ridge area in the west side of Humboldt County, Elk Prairie vineyard, was planted in 1998 to Pinot Noir, with a mix of Dijon clones, Pommard, and the old Martini clone. This vineyard has been dry farmed using strict organic methods. It has historically produced Pinot Noirs with great elegance, balance, and purity.
Just over the hill from Elk Prairie and situated just 3 miles off the Pacific, is Lost Coast vineyard, also planted in 1998. This 7 acre vineyard is planted to various Dijon clones of Pinot Noir and a mix of Chardonnay, Viognier, and Sauvignon Blanc. Lost Coast is a cold, wind swept site that produces tiny yields with great natural acidity and elegance of fruit. We obtained a contract for all 7 acres of fruit and are excited to release the new wines from this amazing site.
The 2 new Pinot Noirs from Anderson Valley are from the upper slope of the Day Ranch vineyard, in the deep, Western end of the Anderson Valley and are farmed by our own, tallented, Casey Hartlip.

In addition to our aged wines we have included our new set of Pinot Noirs in this offer. These wines have not been released to the public yet so you get the first chance at them. Please go to to place your order. We have buttons setup with pay pal for your convenience. or tasting comments on our aged wines there are 1000+ tasting notes and scores from consumers like you on Cellartracker.

New Release Pinot Pack- $200

  • 2 2015 Pinot Noir- Humboldt County- blend of Elk Prairie and Lost Coast vineyards
  • 1 2015 Pinot Noir- Elk Prairie, Humboldt
  • 1 2015 Pinot Noir- Lost Coast, Humboldt
  • 1 2014 Pinot Noir- Anderson Valley
  • 1 2016 Pinot Noir- Anderson Valley

(Notes from these wines are available on the Falltacular 2018 thread )

Aged Pinot pack- $200

  • 1 2010 PN Anderson Valley
  • 1 2011 PN Nash Mill, Anderson Valley
  • 1 2011 PN Anderson Valley
  • 2 2013 PN Anderson Valley
  • 1 2013 PN Nash Mill, Anderson Valley

Aged Cab and Confluence- $180
Estate grown

  • 2 2009 Confluence 40% Merlot, 30% Malbec, 15% Cabernet, 15% Syrah
  • 2 2004 Confluence 50% Cabernet, 50% Merlot
  • 1 2007 Confluence 50% Cabernet, 25% Merlot, 25% Syrah
  • 1 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

Aged AFWE Syrah Pack- $160
Estate grown

  • 2 2010 Syrah- Humboldt County
  • 2 2010 Syrah- Klamath Cuvee
  • 2 2011 Syrah- Humboldt County

This year we’re offering $20 flat rate shipping on 6 packs and $40 on full cases.

For those of you in California, we are offering a flat rate of $10 for 6 packs and $20 for a case.

John Cabot
Aida Villatoro
Cabot Vineyards
707 496 5381

decisions decisions decisions … damn you John Cabot … [cheers.gif]

John and Aida are FAR too humble!!!

This is Cabot’s first release in THREE FREAKIN’ YEARS! They’ve been pummeled season after season with smoke damage due to wildfires, so they’ve been only able to offer past vintages until now! This is huge news…

In for the AFWE Syrah.

If anyone is interested in some notes on the new pinots check out the Falltacular 2018 Tasting note thread, posted above in the OP. There are a handful of notes from a few people.

FWIW, I have tried all of the new pinots and I think they are excellent. I am especially enamored with the Lost Coast fruit. However, as (most) you know, I am highly prejudiced! flirtysmile

Marshall [berserker.gif]

ordered 2 six packs, once again … love these wines … Thanks John.

You are only slightly prejudiced to the female half of this duo - as to the male half… [pwn.gif]

Right!? Thank god I’m good at shucking oysters…:wink:

In for a sixer of the new releases, excited!

Thanks you guys for the orders! If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to to text me at 707 496 5381 or email me at

Love your Syrahs, John, as you know. Jeannine loves them more. Reupped.

$27 a bottle is an unbelievable value

Cabot syrahs have been an amazing find for me on past BDs. I love drinking them but get really sad when I run out.

Will definitely order a syrah pack when I can get in front of a computer.

As I posted in the b-day newbie thread, these are probably my favorite purchases-killer qpr’s.
In for the syrahs.
Thanks John.

Good point. Yes, we had a rough string of vintages where we dumped or declassified all of our estate Syrahs and Zinfandels. I adjusted the OP to explain. Fortunately the Pinots from the coast were unaffected.

In for some Syrah, first time for Cabot. Looking forward to it!

John, who do you use for shipping?

We ship UPS ground. We’ll check in with you prior to shipping to make sure temps are in a comfortable range for the travel and you are ready for them.

Count me as another who absolutely adores John’s wines, always delicious and more often than not I’m just blown away by them.

That is certainly an endearing quality! [snort.gif]

In for a 6-pack of the AWFE Syrah! Will be my first time trying Cabot wines…Looking forward to it!