Cabot Vineyards- oldies but goodies

I can’t say enough about their wines. I am definitely going to go cabby pack.

Order in for a syrah 6 pack.

John - PM sent for a special request. Thanks!

I’m in for the Cabernet and Zinfandel packs. One of my very first Berserker Day purchases. Thanks and looking forward to the wines!

Welcome Albert. I hope you enjoy the wines. Thanks for the kind words you guys! flirtysmile

Cabby headed to FLA!

Only 5 Cabby packs left…so all youz guys that are on the fence, order up!..:wink:

Ordered a Cabby pack! Psyched to try your wines John (I don’t buy new world cabs):slight_smile:

Any Cabot cab left? Looks awfully popular, brosephine.

Still have some Pinot and Syrah packs left. The Cabby packs are almost gone.

Thanks Bill! Humboldt Cabernet and Bordeaux varietals are certainly not new world in style by any stretch. Its been fun to see how they age.

In for the aged Cabby’s - my credit card is starting to smoke a little…

Hi everyone! I’m Aida, John’s partner and I will be handling all of your orders. I’m super excited to see how much LOVE John’s wines get on the board. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your support and for that we are grateful. If you have any questions please email me directly at .

I thought I was finished spending money today, but can’t resist the Cabby pack.

Jeff, we had the 07 Confluence the other night and it was awesome juice! It reminded me of the aged Cabs my family loves. [cheers.gif]

I’m in with an order! Looking forward to seeing you soon Aida! [cheers.gif]

couldn’t pass on the aged cab pack! looking forward to it.

Got me some cab - love Cabot. Just wish I could have gotten some Syrah and Pinot too. I think they make some of the best, less in your face Syrah put there. Always gets second and third looks when I bring for my wine geek friends.

Thanks for the Love, Brian. We appreciate the nice comments.

Thank you Francine, you rock! [berserker.gif] ! I can’t wait to see you and Rob at Falltacular. champagne.gif

Who are you? flirtysmile You joined in 2011 and have three posts??? neener

Marshall champagne.gif