Cab-Hunter: 2006 Turnbull Weitz Vineyard on wine.woot

$79 for 2.

Weitz is Maybach territory. Just sayin’. [cheers.gif]

seems to be $50 elsewhere. Not that great of a deal for a wine that has outpriced itself no? even if Weitz is “maybach” territory (not that is matters)

Probably not the best ‘deal’ around. just a mention in case anyone does think so. Shipping is only $5., so unless Glenn head NY is withing driving distance, this might be some sort of deal. PS: $4 is the NY tax on one bottle if you do make the trip.

Some more math.
Ground shipping to me (NYC), you? more-- is $15.59, added to the $8 tax, you get $23.59 in extras which brings the total to $123.59. Compared to $84.99, or $61.79 ‘elsewhere’ and $42.49 on the woot.
I’m just addin’ blush

turnbull still makes wine? I though we discarded them into the v sattui category?


Based on the winery’s comment, these were supposed to be at a much higher price point, but didn’t find distribution. My guess is most of the prices out there are the result of the winery cutting deals to get the wine out the door. So lowest price out of other lower-than-intended prices sounds like a fair deal to me.

$40 is still a chunk of change, but it’s relative. I don’t buy on the amount discounted. I buy on the actual price. This is $40 spent, not $10 saved, per bottle. So, does this have the special something to command $40?

I don’t get charged tax. Let’s say it’s $16 shipping for two bottles from NY to me so that’s $6 dollars more a bottle. in the end $16. But is that $16 worth the discount for a wine that’s obviously outpriced itself to begin with?

What’s the basis for buying this wine? just cause it’s discounted and will “save” me $16?

You’re correct, Charlie There is not any basis.

Forget I ever posted it. What was I thinking.

Consider this is my last CabHunter thread. Sorry.


no need to get offended. I was curious where the deal was here? Thought you had experience with this wine and could share it with the community and why it was worth $40 to begin with.

Greg laid out his question pretty clearly and that’s my question as well.

I think Mike’s point is that the wine is trading at a third of release price of the Maybach…and an even greater multiple post release. Sure it’s not made by TRB.

what’s the connection with Maybach? Is Weitz where Maybach gets all its cab fruit?

Yes…hence Mike’s OP.

Charlie, I’m not offended. Sorry if it read that way.

Just need to concentrate my energies elsewhere.

I’m tired of having no life and hanging around wine forums all day. [snort.gif]

screw the whole weitz vineyard thing

I wont buy it because its turnbull!


There’s one retailer on WS offering it for $42 or something - apparently they’ve opened the market up a bit to close them out. Good fruit source, though, that’s for certain.

Aww, f-it!!
I’m gonna ‘winehunt thread’ all day long!
Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride!


I’m itching to drop some cash, find me something good!

OK, then, how about the offer from Envoyer that just popped in:

2004 Vineyard 7 & 8
Cabernet Sauvignon ‘7’
Napa Valley
Spring Mountain District

$35.99 when you buy 6 bottles or more!
Other-wise $39.99
Normally $90

After a string of great Pinots the past few weeks, we’ve been searching hard for some good Cabernet at the right price. Coming up empty-handed at first, we finally found a wine that makes a lot of sense at a fantastic close out price. As you may know, many wineries are having a hard time selling their high-end cabs up in Napa even when the juice is excellent (and from notably good vintages, such as ’04). That is exactly the case here. Vineyard 7 & 8 is a relatively small producer with vineyards at the top of Spring Mountain in Napa. Their ‘7’ Cabernet comes from 75% estate fruit and the rest purchased from neighboring vineyards, all of which is Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine sees 18 months in French oak and whole berry fermentation. Although Spring Mountain is notorious for structured and severely tannic wines, this cuvée is surprisingly approachable. It opens up with a classic mountain fruit nose of dusty black fruits, hints of cedar, dark chocolate, giving a good impression of the explosive flavors to come. This is a large scaled effort with layers of cassis, pepper, vanilla, blackberry, and well-integrated tannins. It screams to be paired with red meat and will please anybody looking for a thrilling display of power. That said, it is by no means hedonistic and its pedigree and appellation are the first things apparent, which is really what makes this deal so special. Every sip reminds that this is Spring Mountain Cabernet at less than half its normal retail price. Although approachable now, it will certainly reward a few years in the cellar though we suspect that corks will be flying once one tastes its delicious, pure Cabernet flavors. An incredible buy for serious Cabernet!

And for what it’s worth…

Wine Enthusiast 92 points! “Spring Mountain Cabs typically are hard in youth but not this one, to which all the techniques of early drinkability seem to have been applied. The tannins are here, bigtime, but so finely grained you can drink the wine tonight. Flavorwise, there’s nothing unusual about the rip cassis and oak flavors; what’s distinctive about this Cab is its dignified balance and finesse. Drink now through 2014.

The producer looks to be pretty well thought of on CellarTracker, and the two offerings I see on Wine-Searcher are $90+ (although I can’t exactly determine if there’s a reserve bottling, which the offering from Envoyer might not be). Love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Is there some inside joke about Turnbull I’m missing? Just looking at a few reviews of their estate Napa Cab, they sound like fairly serious wines with some old school structure (i.e. tannic) in the $35 range. Definitely not cult-like production at 15k cases for the entry level Cab, but it’s not cult-priced either. If a lack of exclusivity is the knock, seems like kind of a spurious criticism to me given the price point (at least for Napa).

I guess the Maybach connection doesn’t do too much for me. It’s the small production and “Grand Cru Classe” consulting winemaker driving the price and style, though I’m sure the raw material is nothing to sneeze at. Heck, plateau vs. mid-slope vs. foot of the slope can make huge differences in fruit.


I am glad that you are posting again [welldone.gif]

Thanks, Luis. It was a ‘brain freeze moment’. I understand that some negative people will chime in, but I also know there are some savvy cab shoppers who might see some value to these posts. If I were not in my buy freeze, I would have jumped. Almost did thrice, but thought better of it.

I think part of the joy of this thing of ours is sampling as much as we could. These ones and twos are perfect for such moments. Maybe a home-run, maybe a foul, but always interesting, and you don’t know until you try it.[cheers.gif]