I have often had trouble finding information on corkage policies across the country and around the world, so I’d like to build a database of sorts here to make it easier.

Please use this category to post your experiences with BYO abroad, to describe BYO rules in your home state, or to ask questions about BYO in places where you plan to travel. If you preface your post with the name of the state/country, it will be easier for others to find the information in searches.

My husband and I brought some nice bottles of wine to Amsterdam for our anniversary in 2008, but we hadn’t done our homework. Not only do most restaurants there not have a corkage policy, but the smaller places (including all the wonderful cafes and trattorias in residential areas) seem offended by the concept. Even the staff at De Gouden Ton, a fantastic wine shop in Oud Zuid, were only able to name a single restaurant in Amsterdam with an official corkage policy.

If anyone else has found BYO-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam, I’d love to hear about it. We’ve been there twice in the past two years, and plan to return as often as possible.

Go here for Orange County BYO:" onclick=";return false;

If the establishment has a liquor license, then no one can carry onto the premises their own beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages for their own private consumption.

If the establishment does not have a liquor license, then one must check with the city/town in which the establishment is located to learn if there is any local law dealing with bringing one’s own beer onto an establishment for personal consumption." onclick=";return false;

This of course is the RULE, there are exceptions (ie certain restaurants will do different things)

Paul, add 230 Forest in Laguna to the list, $15

BYOB is against the law in Oklahoma! So if you come to this state PM me and I will make some calls and get you into a few places that will let you BYOB. I just can’t put their names on a public forum since they are breaking the law.

It is not against the law in NM, but most restaurants will tell you it is. Some will if they know you, so you can PM me. I think their biggest fear is that the distributors will cut them off. A few are just greedy and want the wine revenue (which they won’t get from me just for being dicks about it). One day someone with big $$ (did I win Powerball tonight?), will need to take it all the way to the state supreme court.

BYO and private parties in NM" onclick=";return false;

A. A licensee may allow a private party at which the host provides his
own alcoholic beverages to be held on the licensed premises.

B. If the host provides his own alcoholic beverages, no alcoholic
beverages may be sold to any guest at the private party. The alcoholic
beverages must be served to the guest by persons who hold valid
current server permits.

C. if the private party is held during hours that the licensed
premises is open to the public, the area where the private party is to
be held must be closed to the public and security provided to prevent
persons without invitations from entering.

D. Private parties must be held on days and at times during which the
licensee is authorized to sell or serve alcoholic beverages.

In the Philippines, I’m aware of only one establishment that generally does not allow BYO (because they also sell wine in their own shop), the only exception being if you are holding a special event there for a large number of people or spending a lot on food. The owner/chef is a good friend of mine plus I’m a regular so I’m pretty sure I can get away with it if I press - but I wouldn’t do that of course.

That said, by and large, BYOB is allowed throughout the country. A handful of restaurants do not charge corkage fees at all. For those that do charge, the fees range from $6 per bottle to $30 per bottle. Within the given range, most charge around $11-$12 per bottle.

Naturally, as anywhere else, regulars aren’t charged.

Can’t do it here in Quebec except for the designated BYO-licensed places, which don’t have their own liquor service. Most of them are low-end, and the few high-end ones can be very expensive. There is no legal corkage here.

United States, Texas

BYOB in Texas is very much hit and miss. In short, if the restaurant that you’re planning on dining at has a license to sell hard liquor like Vodka, Scotch, etc… then it is against state law to allow BYOB in that establishment. If they have any other license or no license at all they can allow BYOB but I would say that 95% plus of any establishment that so much as sells a beer on premises does not understand the law and will immediately shut you down with “we can’t allow BYOB because we sell alcohol”. So be prepared to call around a lot looking for a restaurant that truly understands the law and will allow you to BYOB. Be sure and check in with forum members beforehand for suggestions.

If people want to post Bay Area corkage, I’ll update a master Bay Area list in this thread:

Lane Splitters - $7.50 but often waived if offering server a glass
Pizzaiolo - $18
Shan Dong - No corkage. Beware, no wine glasses either.

I think there should be a separate forum for BYO threads by state.

Personally, I would love to have a full forum for BYO organized by state/country, but we’ve only had a trickle of posts with BYO information.

BYO New Jersey

Here is a pretty good list to start with. As the thread progresses, I will update this list by adding other peoples suggestions. If I fall behind, just send me a PM and remind me.

I think this is a good format for doing the BYOs from around the country.

But, open to suggestions!


Belford Bistro, 870 Main St., 732-495-8151

Bound Brook:
Girasole, 520 West Union Avenue, Bound Brook, (732) 469-1080
Spice of Life, 117 East Main St., (732) 369-6836

Matt’s Red Rooster Grill, 22 Bloomfield Avenue, Flemington, (908) 788-7050

Franklin Lakes:
Chef’s Table, 754 Franklin Avenue, Franklin Lakes, (201) 891-6644

Le Rendez-Vous, 520 Boulevard, Kenilworth, (908) 931-0888

Lawrenceville Inn, 2691 Main Street (Route 206), Lawrenceville, (609) 219-1900

Hamilton’s Grill Room, 8 Coryell Street, Lambertville, (609) 397-4343

Resto, 77 Main St Madison, Madison , 973-377-0066
IL Mondo Vecchio, 72 Main St., Madison 973-301-0024

Lorena’s, 168 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood, (973) 763-4460

Mi Sueno, 619 Bound Brook Rd, 732-529-4830

Basilico, 324 Millburn Avenue, Millburn, (973) 379-7020

Blu, 554 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair(973) 509-2202
Blu Next Door, 554 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, (856) 478-2112
Culinariane, 33 Walnut Street, Montclair, 973-744-0533
Epernay, 6 Park Street, Montclair, (973) 783-0447
Fascino, 331 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, (973) 233-0350
Giotto, 21-23 Midland Ave, Madison, 973-746-0111
Nouveau Sushi, Montclair, 973-746-9608
Passionne, 77 Walnut St, Montclair, 973-233-1006
Semolina, 343 Millburn Avenue, 973-379-9101

Pamir, 85 Washington Street, Morristown, (973) 605-1095
Tim Schafer’s Cuisine, 82 Speedwell Avenue, Morristown, (973) 538-3330

Blue Point Grill, 258 Nassau St, Princeton 609-921-1211

Café Panache, 130 East Main Street, Ramsey, (201) 934-0030

Latour, 6 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, (201) 445-5056

Café Matisse, 167 Park Avenue, Rutherford, (201) 935-2995

Saddle River:
Saddle River Inn, 2 Barnstable Court, Saddle River,

Origin, 25 Division Street, Somerville, (908) 685-1344
Da Fillippo, 132 E Main St, (908) 218-0110
La Scala, 117 N Gaston Ave, (908) 218-9300
Shumi, 30 S Doughty Ave, (908) 526-8596

Souffle, 7 Union Place, 908-598-0717

Torino Trattoria, 50 Mount Bethel Rd, (908) 755-1060

Mojave Grille, 35 Elm Street, Westfield, (908) 233-7772
Theresa’s, 47 Elm Street, Westfield, (908) 233-9133

Off the top of my head I would add -

Bound Brook

Spice of Life, 117 East Main St., (732) 369-6836


La Scala, 117 N Gaston Ave, (908) 218-9300
Da Fillippo, 132 E Main St, (908) 218-0110
Shumi, 30 S Doughty Ave, (908) 526-8596


Torino Trattoria, 50 Mount Bethel Rd, (908) 755-1060



Sonoma, CA average corkage is $0 - $20. Anyone traveling here, please contact me. This is my home and it is truly a magical place in the universe. Rather than providing ‘too much information’ I will simply list my favorite restaurants with their corkage fee’s. Know that many restaurants have a ‘one-for-one’ policy, meaning that if you buy one of thier wines, they will waive the corkage fee for the one you bring.

Cafe Lahaye $20
Della Santina $18
Depot $12
Duece $12
El Dorado Kitchen $20
Estate $15
Girl and the Fig $0 (strange rules about one bottle per party)
Harvest Moon Cafe $18
LaSalette $15
Meritage $15
Shiso Sushi, Monday nights $0 corkage and 25% off the bill for locals - call me and I’ll meet you there.
Swiss Hotel $12

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Here is a Baltimore list from The Wine Source (no affiliation, as I am not ITB, but a great shop):" onclick=";return false;

Sadly, although it is listed on the site, Salsa Grill is no more.


Is there a place in East Bay where BYO is disallowed? Many are no corkage, as long as you’re a steady customer, most will charge anywhere from $10-15, tops. Izzy’s Steak House in San Ramon is no corkage on Sunday and Monday, I believe, and so are others. I can’t recall the last time I paid for corkage.