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If you are ITB, you may not want to read this…

Funny enough, my dentist had a really good heart to heart with me like 10 years ago and has me on a really strict schedule (I have 3 cleanings a year) and even helped me get everything covered by insurance since it’s part of my job.

I thought this was interesting:

In studies, patients who have been advised to cut back on alcohol often report that they have done so to please the researchers, > while reviews find no effects on objective measures of alcohol consumption (their blood levels) or the rates of injuries, alcohol-related illnesses and hospitalizations> , according to Bazzi and Saitz. Still, “even small behavior changes” could improve health, they wrote.

Then, of course, there’s this:

There is no safe level of alcohol for pregnant women, according to the institute.

,which is not based on any facts or science.