Buying Swiss Pinot Noir


Mikael Maggliocco (Daniel’s son)… the one to watch

Those were the normal market and cellar door prices for the wines in Aosta. Les Cretes Petite Arvine and Fumin were about 13€, Pinot Noir 15€. Grosjean’s Fumin was 18€ and Gamay 10€.

Thanks for the info. I was thinking trade pricing and furthermore, considering current exchange rates, it no longer looks like it did a decade ago. [cheers.gif]

Gantenbien PN is twice as expensive in my area - I’ve seen $180-190, whereas I can find many excellent Burgundy 1er crus fro considerably less (maybe not Vosne). Whoever has it for $95 evidently does not ship it to MA.