Buying/Shipping Wine (Italy to USA)

I emailed a retailer in Italy who is carrying a particular wine I want. Note, I live in CA. They emailed back saying for a limited amount of bottles, there is no import issue, but required I purchase a minimum of three bottles. Does anyone know the exact parameters?

I ship back cases of wine from Italy all the time and have never had one problem or a tax / duty issue.

Are you ordering it from the US or while you are in Italy?

When I was in Italy a couple years ago I visited Altesino and had them ship me a case of 2010 Montosoli. There was no duty and I believe it was around 90eu for shipping. Given the price I paid for the wine it was an absolute steal. I told a friend and gave him my contact there. He emailed from US and got the same deal. YMMV

I will be visiting Sicily and needing to ship wine back home (we are also visiting Portugal and will save our two wine suitcases for that country as shipping wine home from there is INSANELY expensive.)

Yes, I’ve shipped wine from Piemonte and Tuscany before but I’m not sure how Sicily works as I know it’s almost a different country down there :slight_smile: