Buyer beware-Jeffrey McDonald "JeffreyM"

Echezeaux Coquard Loison Fleurot .jpg
I was emailed by JeffreyM last night in response to my request to purchase some Coquard Loisson Fleurot

"Hi Andrew,

I have 6 bottles of the 2015 vintage available. Please let me know if
you’re interested.

Best Regards,


I asked which bottling and was told Echezeaux. I asked for photos and the following was sent. Which pretty clearly was downloaded from somewhere. I asked for clarification or additional photos and have heard no response.

I can’t be sure his intent was to simply take my money, but the situation feels worth sharing. He has 3 posts as of this point. A quick google of his email address found a similar posting and response trying to sell some bourbons on WineSpectator forums.

YMMV, but I’d be cautious trying to purchase wine from JeffreyM.


Just wanted to add to this thread as I received an email from this user about my WTB post for 2002 Salon. He still has 3 posts.

Hi Andrew,

I have one 6 bottle case of the 02 Salon available if still interested.
Please advise.

Best Regards,


I asked the price and he said $4200. I asked for photos and details and received a photo that is a perfect overhead shot like you’d see in a magazine. I asked for more photos of individual bottles and let him know I had a friend near Chandler, AZ who might be able to meet him to do the transaction in person and he vanished.

I can’t say anything for certain, but when an offer seems too good to be true…