Here comes the famous recipe by Samin Nosrat from the Netflix movie SALT FAT ACID HEAT
Fair to say this method is of course not new, as the generation of my grandparents used buttermilk for marinating game meat. It would be interesting to know when the use of buttermilk for marinating meat started on our planet.

Anyway I am pleased with the result, as the chicken taste better and the browning is also better in comparison with my old method. I will do it again!


Gin Gin

Looks great!

+1. Beautiful bird!

P.S. of course you can add additional spices to the buttermilk marinade.

I add a bunch of heat to this, buttermilk is a great marinade

I really appreciate you sharing these recipes.

Much has been written about the science behind marinades. My experience tells me they work, but when evaluated by professionals, I tend to doubt the true impact.

My understanding is that a lot of Top chefs use this kind of brining for their products. Of course they substitute buttermilk with water.

Buttermilk Pried Chicken please