Burgundy - Educational Resources (that are up to date)

Interested in book(s) on Burgundy covering vintages, sub-regions and producers. Specifically, I would like something updated recently, preferably in last few years. I know Clive Coates has some books that were (or are) highly regarded - e.g., The Wines of Burgundy, which unfortunately hasn’t been revised since 2008. Given how many vintages have passed, winemaking styles have changed, and wine producing duties have been passed to the next generation in that time, it’s hard to imagine a book like this is still super relevant for someone wanting to expand their knowledge today.

inside burgundy, second edition by jasper morris.

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+1, I also really like “Pearls of the Cote” by Burghound (pretty narrow focus, but a great read)

Thanks guys. Exactly what I was looking for! Now to see if I can find a copy of the damn book…

I have “The Wines of France: Burgundy” on my Kindle cloud reader and reference it constantly as I drink and learn my way around. I find it really helpful, but it may be too basic for somebody with a good working knowledge already.

Reading this now and I believe it has the most up to date info out there. You can purchase it through Sotheby’s. Cheers!!


BURGUNDY VINEYARDS is a heavyweight by Italian writer ARMANDO CASTAGNO. Too bad he did not rate the winemakers although my friend (can I say that ?) PETER CHIU thinks it is better not to do that.

Johan…my dear friend - thanks for your comments.

It is OK to rate producer too and it is fun to see the ratings too; BUT in honesty and for a true connoisseur-ship and in the spirit of enjoyment of burgundy wine one should obey the basic concept of : different strokes for different folks. You need to go through…the journey in Burgundy…to find out the end result. A concept which is similarity to the philosophy of Taoism.

I am not aware of the book by Armando Castagno but I respect your recommendation.

Let me tell you more about the Morris 2nd Edition of Inside Burgundy : The Second Edition has expanded from 656 pages to 798. It cover over 1,200 vineyards, 300 wine villages and 700 domaines, it offers detailed insider knowledge on the places and people that make Burgundy such a special wine-making region.

BTW there is a new Full-color map of your favorite vineyard : Richebourg…is very small details ( section by section and who owns what ). I love it…

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Thank you Peter. I will surely buy INSIDE BURGUNDY part 2.

All the best from JOHAN

adding to the praise on jasper’s new edition…i cant keep my hands off of it. it’s the coffee table book i keep reaching for.

though, from my usage so far…it is mostly on the parcels and the producers. is there detailed discussion on vintage attributes?

No, but Jasper makes vintage discussion freely available here:

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I spent a couple hours with inside burgundy 2 tonight which was fantastic

the Meadows/Barzelay tome Burgundy Vintages - A History from 1845 is well laid-out and full of great info. Just dense enough.

Yes - totally agree, Michael.

Did you read his comments on the new * rising star - or I thin we can say : risen start in Gevrey ( page 246) : Domaine Duroche ?

His g-crus reds are quite expensive ( in wine-searcher ). Are they easily available in USA ?

This is news to me as I am not aware of his wines in Quebec or Ontario.

He’s on the list of rising stars we made recently but had been out on his own for a decade.

Merci… [thankyou.gif]