Burgundy during harvest

Curious if anyone has travelled to Burgundy during harvest and had a chance to participate in the process a bit? Looking for pointers on how I might be able to go about setting that up, places where people had good or bad experiences, and thoughts on if it has to be a harvest long commitment or if somewhere might let us participate for just a day or two?

Thanks for any thoughts yall have!

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My husband has been curious about doing this one season once we have retired. From what I have researched you cannot work the harvest unless you are allowed to have a work visa for France. If you’re based in the US, then it is unlikely you’d receive a work visa since EU passports allows one to work in another country. The harvest is monitored and there are often helicopters up as an eye in the sky.

With these things said, I have discovered some houses in Champagne offer an experience in harvesting. In fact Champagne Gremillet does a night harvest and offers more information on their website along with Maison de Barfontarc who offers a excursion type experience.

If you discover an opportunity in Cote d’Or please share!