Burgundy apocalypse?


Pricing has gone bonkers, but if the demand is there why not?

“The 2103 La Romanée from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair is nearly $3,000 a bottle.”

At least it looks like prices won’t be going up much for the next 90 years.

Modern media is so desperate to produce content it doesn’t think before it writes. The bubble is unlikely to be popped by a shortage of supply in the coming vintages - generally, that’s not how markets work.

The bubble will be popped - I would guess - when the money that’s poured into the market realizes the returns aren’t there (see, for example, those wine “investment funds”). That could take a while. I’ll be drinking mostly village wines and a few premier crus in the mean time.


What a misleading, unnecessarily sensational headline. A more accurate title would be, “Meager harvests and high prices put pressure on micro-negociants and small growers.” But then again, I probably wouldn’t have clicked on that article because the conclusion is all too obvious.

I have seen ex-cellar pricing from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair.
The prices are shockingly fair for the most part.

I can’t se a Burg Bubble Bursting…
I can see the world wide demand for burgs going up, and the production is at maximum outcome.

China, and other very large populations in far east, are just starting with burgs… Soon We will see them making the big burg deals, like they have done directly, with many top Bordeaux Chateaux.
-Then the supply will be scarce, and prices will go up.
Just imagine 10.000 new hungry burg collectors, all hunting Grand crus…

-Buy now, when prices still are low !


Isn’t this normally the case.

Not need to worry, they make their own Grand cru Burgs.

Same here. The insane prices on 2005 and 2010 are keeping me away from Grand Crus. Also, backfilling older vintages is still reasonable compared to modern pricing.

I’ve been pulling back on wines much over $100.00, already have a nice cache of top bottles and am seeking out well priced village and 1ers. Maybe also time to explore Côte de Beaune. Rather than buy the same stuff every year, I’m trying to focus on different villages and producers every year.

Att. Leo F. wrote :
“Not need to worry, they make their own Grand cru Burgs.”
-True, and they are getting better every year.
I just ordered a case of this beauty.
China-drc 2009.jpg
But prices are rising, so better load up now.

Ironic regards, Soren.

Is this the wine imported by Gilt Lempert-Schwarz?

I think He invested, in the Comti vineyards, for future exports…
He didn’t notice the minor misspellings on the label !
“Comti cuvee Gil Lempert” -soon to be released in Europe and US. (Only sold as futures.)


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My pleasure!

That’s quite a futures program

I think people are just lazy.