Burg geek question - Brochon

Does anyone know what vineyards in Brochon abut Gevrey Champeaux (1er) and Evocelles (village)?

It is my understanding that some Brochon can be marketed as Gevrey. Is Dugat Py Evocelles actually located in Brochon?

Given the quality of Champeaux, I am curious to taste something from the combe that is just north of this vineyard.

Thanks in advance.

Good albeit esoteric question, Kevin. I have books that would answer the question, and can try and look a bit later. (Hopefully I can check before I leave for Bordeaux tomorrow). Let me also try to find out another route and come back if someone hasn’t answered the question before then.

Looks like Evocelles is in Brochon commune but is Gevrey AOC along with Meix Bas Champ, Les Jeunes Rois and Le Creot further down the slope. Unfortunately, that is the end of the Combe as it curves into the Combe de Brochon. Queue de Hareng has similar exposition on the other side but this being Burgundy it’s likely a whole different ballgame by then.