buds and tears

I arrived in Toscana on 7 Feb, and just one day ago I moved from there to here in Langhe.

Have to say, with buds/tears reports coming from all over, including Nebbiolo in Lessona area, there’s a lot of time yet to pass before winter is officially dead. A freeze, or two, between now and early May could easily spell disaster for some - or many.

Early - by nearly a month - is a bit unsettling.

My drive from Terricciola to La Morra yesterday ( March 3rd mind you… i. e. winter) saw the front of my car covered in (summer?) bugs. Freaky.

I have to believe it’s pretty much the same story across many/all of Europe’s major wine regions.

I’ll return to USA on 7 May, hopefully with more confidence in 2019 than I have in this moment. Many of the old villagers are telling me it’s going to be hot(!) this year. We’ll see.