Buccella Drinking Window?

Buccella Cali Cabs, I have a few bottles of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 vintages in my cellar. Any idea as to the drinking windows with these wines?

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Don’t know about the others but the 2004s are drinking well right now. Decant for a couple of hours. Great fruits, spices and a finish that goes on and on. Really well made.

disclaimer, i used to work for the wholesaler of Buccella in MD

i think that these wines are all drinking well right now. the 2003 was the only let down for me. the 04 and 05 were tasty but it has been a while since i had them. i had the 06 about 3 months ago and it was showing a great tobacco earthiness that i liked, usually the buccella style is too fruity for me, but i liked how the 06 was a little more restrained and earthy.
so they are enjoyable young, and have some stuffing to last. ive never had one more than 2-3 years old though.


I have had the 04 and 05. My note on the 05 from December 08 was:

Popped and poured and drank over a 2 hour period. Very dark color as expected for this wine. Dark fruits abound with mouthfilling viscosity. Lots of tannin, but very soft ones that support the fruit while still letting the fruit shine. It did not change much over the drinking time. It should improve with age, but I like it plenty the way it is now.

I had the 04 last year at this same stage of life and the 2 vintages are very different. The 2005 does not have any of the candy bar quality and the fruits are not quite as sweet as the 2004. Both are great, but the 2005 is something that is a little more serious that the 2004.

You can’t go wrong opening either of them right now. And if you are thinking about the 04, you will be very pleased with the way it is now. No reason to age it too long and lose any of what makes it so wonderful now.

Hi Alex, I’ve only had experience with the 2004 and it was fantastic in Feb of this year. I gave it a two hour decant before arriving and then it sat in a decanter probably for another two hours before we got to it in earnest. Outstanding.

Truly outstanding.

Not a fan of the wines, it pours outlike maple syrup…I would match it with your 2005 Amon Ra in 2040 and see which is better! [drinkers.gif]

I only own the 2004 so it sounds like it’s time to crack a bottle. Thanks for the initial question and responses.


Tasted the 2004 last night, with my only other experience being the 2002 a couple of years ago. The 2004 was indeed a bit syrupy … almost cola-like … not at all like the 2002 I fondly recall as being a very good Napa Cab. I’ll have to open a 2005 or a 2006 “in the name of science” for comparative purposes.