Bubbles/Riesling/Nebbiolo Table @ BERSERKERFEST SATURDAY PDH

Here’s what I think we have:

  • Ken V: A mag of good old (1990 or older) Nebbiolo.
  • Paul David +2: Champagne de Meric cuvee Sous Bois 1999,
    Champagne Duval -Leroy Brut 1996,
    JJ Prum WS Spat 1999 (so we can have a mini vert going with the 98 & 01),
    Francesco Rinaldi Cannubbio 1990 bottle 7351,
    PdB Riserva Pora 1985 bottle 10024.
  • Carrie D +1: 1996 Scharzhofberger Spatlese, 1999 von Schubert Maximin Grunhauser Spatlese, and
    2001 J.J. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese.
  • David Cohen: 97 Bollinger grand annee or 71er mosel-saar-ruwer ockfener bockstein or 71 la tour du haut-moulin? or 77 dow or 77 fonseca
  • Brent Clayton: 1998 Prum WS Spat

If I’ve got this right, we are up to 8 people.

I could be talked into a Riesling table. Otherwise, I could also be talked into a Northern Rhone table…

I would be interested in the Riesling table. I also like the sound of a Northern Rhone table . . .

Ken -would you consider adding Champagne to this Nebbiolo & Riesling table?

I think Champagne always works!

Let’s see, you could have a Vajra Riesling and a Laufer Altenberg Nebbiolo from the Laufen co-op in Baden.

I’m bringing Champagne whether Ken allows it or not. He’s not the boss of me. My +1 who likes Champagne is!

i have a few 71 rieslings and more than a few nebbiolo or bubbly, I dont think I have signed up for another table and I paid tonight for the dinner, mind if I crash this table

'71! My birth year! [cheers.gif]

I have been asked to join an existing table. This one hasn’t really come together with a precise theme, but if someone wants to try to get it more organized, please go ahead without me.

OK, I tried once before – maybe the newbie curse??? – but who’s interested in this riesling table? I will organize, if organizing it means taking down names and posting . . . .

I’m in with a +1.

Anyone else?

Maybe start a new thread with just Riesling in the title?

an all riesling table maybe a little much for my liking, I like a little variety during the course of an evening, howabout if me make theme older riesling/nebbiolo vintages with a bubbly and a port to start/finish the evening.
I can bring any of the above from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s!

OK, now we’re talking! Older riesling/nebbiolo table, with bubbly to start and port to finish. Sounds perfect to me, David. I will start a new thread . . . .

Darn Ken I’m crushed, coming all the way from Denver armed with Bubbles & Nebbiolo & now you are leaving your own table? Say it ain’t so …
Joining me will be my dear wife Susan & our lovely friend Stacy. So whoever is taking over the table (Carrie ?) please add 3

OK, I got confused. If there is still enough interest in this table, I am back in.

See the first post and let me know if I have your info correctly.

Sounds great. You Have my head count correct. Most of my Rieslings do not qualify as old so I will bring a couple of Champagnes from the 90’s and a few Baroli. I can adjust selections based on themes preferences etc.
Ken any thoughts on the Nebbiolos , year, sub-region ? lets have some fun with this…

Why don’t you pick what you would like to bring, and I’ll bring something that hopefully fits.

Excellent Ken! Glad this table is still alive and kicking – let’s hope all of the wines will be too. :slight_smile:

I will close down the other thread that I started on this . . . . Would it be a safe assumption that it will be acceptable to close with some port at this table per the earlier suggestion?

Carrie, As for the port, I guess it all depends on how you plan on getting home, and in what shape you want to be later on, as Sunday progresses [wink.gif]
Ken I am not sure as to what everyone else is thinking, but lets throw this out there to get the conversation going: we can bring one of the 85 Single vineyard Produttori and a 1990 Rinaldi, or we can go with something younger from the 96-01 period - I’ll let some of the other folks chime in and can adjust accordingly. Cheers !