Bryan's Wagyu Sliders...

Anyone notice this on Bryan’s site?" onclick=";return false;

Certainly look like tasty little buggers…

I saw those in the freezer at Bryan’s shop this weekend. Great idea and very easy to do on your own as well.

I also saw his rendition of “pigs in a blanket”. Not on the website yet, hopefully he will put them on. Instead of crappy mini cocktail sausages in the middle they were his mini wagyu beef sausages. I had to get some to try out, impossible to resist!

Nice… I am stopping by his place tomorrow… I’m sure there are a few tasty treats I’ll have to try.

He also had some good looking Foie Gras in the same freezer case, check it out!

Stopped in at Bryan’s shop today to pick up a few things. Love the ‘meat room’… some amazing looking beef aging in there. Had to pick up those little pigs in the blankets to try out… Gonna make those this afternoon.

Are these from Bryan’s wagyu herd in Idaho?

The sliders? I think so but I can’t say for sure. He mentioned where they were from but I can’t remember if it was there or Oregon…

Maybe I got that wrong. An Oregon herd processed in Idaho, maybe?

I’m not going to be able to reorder until September. It’s going to be hard

Grass fed out of Oregon according to Bryan when we saw him on Saturday.

The fact that the grass fed beef can be so beautifully marbled is pretty mind boggling… awesome stuff… you get an entirely new appreciation for Bryan’s work and product when you get to see the operation in person.

Finnaly got around to making these sliders tonight and I must say that they are awesome. We used simple pan toasted slices of french bread for the bun and minimal condiments. The flavor of the meat really stands on its own.