Bruno Giacosa will not bottle 2006 vintage

Does anyone know if there will be any of his Valmaggiore (non-Barolo/Barbaresco neb) from this vintage?

When I met with Giorgio and Ivana at Giacosa and tasted the 05’s, we talked about this a bit, and they were very retreating on the subject, saying only that Bruno was not happy with the wine. It still strikes me as odd, as every other producer I talked to (7 other traditionalists at least) is very happy with how 2006 is shaping up in the region.

This would have been Giorgio’s first vintage, correct? As Dante left after 2005 harvest and before 2006? I wonder how much is emotional or what might have gone on at the winery, that he doesn’t like any single wine from the lineup…

This part troubles me: “Giorgio Lavagna says that the wine will be sold on as sfuso (unbottled wine) for use by another bottler.”

Bruno Nada declassified his entire 2002 production but sold it himself as Langhe Nebbiolo as he wanted to protect not only the reputation of HIS Barbaresco but the reputation of ALL Barbaresco as a concept / brand. If the de-classed Giacosa went off to some mass blended wine, no harm no foul, BUT if it gets bottled and sold as Barbaresco I would be AMAZED if the “Hey, this is declassified Giacosa…” meme gets separated from it.

If any of you ITB’ers find out where this declassified Giacosa is, hook me up!

Sounds a little odd to me. I’m stopping at 2004 for now anyway.

Wow. Bit of a surprise.

Yes, it’s already available:" onclick=";return false;

This was announced a couple of months ago. It is quite confounding since a few people have tasted the wine and think it’s pretty good.

Then find out how the ‘declassified’ wine is being labeled and let’s buy it!

How about THAT for a Berserker barrel??