Bruno Giacosa Spumante

Just got back from a week in Piemonte and learned something surprising (at least to me) I wanted to run by the Italy experts here – namely that Bruno Giacosa makes a sparkling wine. I came across that fact on the last day of the trip so I wasn’t able to track any down, but according to Wine-Searcher it’s reasonably available over here.

One of my winemaker friends over there highly recommended it – has anyone here had any experience with it? Thoughts on absolute quality, and/or relative value?

They have it on the list at Fiola here in DC. Not very good.

At least for me it is a consistently drinkable, sort of good, poor QPR, realtively uninspiring wine.

Decidedly average. Too expensive for what it is. No reason to buy this in Italy of all places - the country is literally awash with fantastic, fun, joyous, well-made sparkling wine at half the price.

I’ve had this. It was nice but not spectacular.

Tasted it on both visits to the winery. Liked it, one time more than the other. Not in my market at the time and they changed distributors. All the Giacosa wines have been MIA. And with the problems they have been having, not sure that I would be interested. So I didn’t really pursue it after that.

drank about 4 or 5 bottles of the 2004 last year and liked them. the bottles that i drank needed a lot of air.

I had it at the Zachys/Suckling Italian wine event at City Winery in NYC. It was palatable but not good enough to buy and serve as a bubbly starter at our No France No California themed blind dinner. I was disappointed, considering the pedigree.

I liked it but it wasn’t worth restocking compared to the price point and quality of Champagne.

A friend used to serve me bottles frequently so the QPR for me was great!
It’s fine but I don’t buy it.

I went through 18 bottles of 1995.
I liked it. Decent sparkling wine.

If it is reasonable give it a try, but there is certainly better Champagne for less Money out there.