Bruichladdich - Waves

Bruichladdich continues to turn out bottles the draw me to them just by their appearance. The Waves bottle and canister are striking again.

Just had my first taste last night so I’ll give my initial thoughts and the follow up over the next few weeks with additional thoughts. Hopefully others will join in.

This has a nice amount of peat, which I love but it is not totally at the front enough to distract those that don’t like it. With this first glass one thing I really noticed was the richness. Hints of creme brulee and honey. Nice complexity but the richness seems to slightly dominate.

Overall I am happy with this purchase and it is a nice addition to the cabinet.


how would you compare this to their “regular” bottling, Jason?

That’s quite a package for an Islay. Bruichladdich has definitely been trying to advance their shelf-presence lately. Love those Islays, thanks for the note.

Hmmm … I buy a lot of Bruichladdich or B’Laddie but there are so many, I don’t know which is the regular. I am guessing the 10 year. I can’t say I can compare off the top of my head. Now that we have spirits forum I can start keeping track. From recollection I would say that creme brulee element is definitely unique. Also IIRC The Wave has a more creamy full bodied mouthfeel.

Woah, I didn’t realize CT had spirits. Okay, I’ll start keeping track.

Heading home to try another glass.


i didn’t really think too much about what I meant by “regular” … I don’t often taste Bruichladdich, so only have a vague recollection of what I have tasted of theirs … upon deeper thought, I think I’ve had their 15 (if that even exists blush )