Brown Shrimp Source.. got shrimp/grits on the brain/ fav rec

Certainly no reservations on Louisiana shrimp. Lent is in full swing here and copious quantities of seafood are being consumed. As for recipes, take a gander at any iteration put forth by John Besh. As for fresh shrimp, look up Kenneys Seafood here in Slidell, LA and ask for Brian Cappy, he’ll ship to you. Top notch quality seafood, just ask John Besh.

Buon Appetit!

Am I wrong in believing there is no major difference between grits and polenta?

There’s a difference; you decide whether it’s ‘major’ or not:

Care to elaborate Mr. Fleming?

Reminds me of a scenario I experienced in Savannah in 2012. We were “taking” our son to college in Atlanta and , since he was already there…we stopped in Savannah for a day and a half and stayed at a hotel that included breakfast. A couple of travelers were eating the buffet breakfast who were French. My wife was a French major in college and had lived there for several years following college, and talked to the older guy. The younger guy came into the room and looked at the grits and said…“what the heck is that” (in French.) The older guy didn’t miss a beat and said “polenta.”

I don’t know if the difference is meaningful, but I do know that after having a nice shrimp and cheese grits dinner the night before, in Savannah, I have bought and cooked grits a whole bunch of times since. I had never done so. I’d rather have that than rice any time.

Am I missing something? In any event, I have nothing to add beyond what’s in the link I posted.

Had grits with meatloaf last night, Haricots verte with toasted shallot. Cheese grits, with some Parmesan and white cheddar and of course some heavy cream. Can’t get my wife to eat Polenta, but she will eat grits.
These weren’t fancy grits, just regular old fashioned Jim Dandy.

Absolutely agree here with my friend Bob. White. Stone ground. No yellow for sure.

Not at all Bob, I have never eaten grits and I’m pretty happy with the way I make polenta. I assume you’ve had both and if there’s something I’m missing I would happily have faith in your word.

With me it is more of a textural thing. I often find Polenta too “mushy” if that is a way to describe. More like whipped potatoes. Grits have more mouth feel. Plus I have grits around all the time. But then I live in the deep south.