Bringing your own wine to restaurants - Paris

I have heard varying opinions on this, from people who went there on vacation to people who live there. So, once in for all, is this allowed in most restaurants or not (corkage I mean)? Last I heard this “used” to be allowed but not anymore, but again, this is just something I heard form someone. Thanks.

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The only time I’ve ever done corkage in Paris was with a sommelier friend who works there and knows a lot of restaurant owners. I’ve never tried or even asked restaurants on my own. I guess it’s legal, but not nearly as common as it is here in California. Hopefully, some Parisiens or more frequent travelers there will have a better answer.

Not customary, unless one has a relationship with the restaurant (or, like Ed, are with someone who does).

Coals, Newcastle.

unless you know them

It is neither “allowed” nor “forbidden”, it is simply in the discretion of the owner who runs the business. What almost never works is to just show up with a bottle of wine - you need to talk to them before you come, and as mentioned above, it helps if you know them. Having said that, it is really not very common in France - it would be like asking to bring your own food…


This would be like bringing French people to Paris.

(Actually, during August, that might be a good idea,
to make the place resemble Paris.)

I agree with what you wrote, except for the very last part. I do it regularly at certain restaurants including a few Michelin starred ones that don’t have aged wine especially Champagne and red Burgundy. I always share with the sommeliers and kitchen and they are typically very happy to try wines they have never had the opportunity to drink.

France could use that. They’ve started outsourcing.

Have Francois Audouze book your table and you will be set.

OK but certainly you know the somms there or maybe the owner?

There are only a few restaurants in Paris that have an open policy on BYOW. Usually it is on Monday or Tuesday nights, when activity is low and it might help bringing in more people. But try to come in with your bottle or without checking first and this won’t be accepted in 99% of the restaurants.

If you’re interested, here’s a list from La Revue du Vin de France website. It’s in French but at least you get the list of restaurants.
edit: this list looks rather old. Better to double check first!


It depends on who is on strike that week.

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About to get its third Michelin star, I hear.