brief notes: 2011 H-N VR Les Suchots & 2005 Faiveley Les Clos

A couple of nice bottles from the last two days;

**Hudelot Noellat VR Les Suchots:**2011 definitely a bit on the lean side with mostly red cranberries and some white pepper. Actually I don’t mind these lighter less ripe years. Delicious and refined with nice length. No sense of green to my palate but I can see why other my find it less appealing

2005 Faiveley Chablis Les Clos: absolutely in the zone, ripe intense citrus fruits, tons of extract and mid palate density, chalky rocky stony long long finish. Superb really. 2nd out of 3 bottles. Better than 1st bottle had 2 years ago. Not the slightest hint of premox, very pale yellow.