Briceland Vineyards - Humboldt's Finest Since 1985

Deals first, story follows. An asterisk (*) indicates that the wine was made with organically farmed grapes.

Thanks for looking at our 10th annual Berserker Day offering.

Humboldt Pinots: Humboldt County Pinot Noir 6 pack (Offer #1) • $198
Two each of three Pinots, the vineyards are spread across the Southern Humboldt county. Ronda’s, located just a few miles northeast from the winery tends to yield wines of exceptional complexity and structure which are more acid than tannin driven. Alderpoint Vineyard is located to the east, near the main fork of the Eel River. The wines tend to be expressive and approachable in their youth, though they often transform with short-term aging. The 2013 Humboldt Reserve PN is a blend of Phelps and Ronda’s Vineyards.

2016 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Ronda’s Vineyard* (13.6% / 139 cases)
2016 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Phelps Vineyard (12.3% / 162 cases)
2013 Humboldt Pinot, Reserve (12.5% / 38 cases)

Humboldt Red Sampler 12 (Offer #2) • $318
This sampler allows you to to a deep dive into the terroir of Humboldt County.

2016 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Ronda’s Vineyard* (13.6% / 139 cases)
2016 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Phelps Vineyard (13.1% / 73 cases)
2018 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Appellation Blend (13.6% / 237 cases)
2013 Humboldt Pinot, Reserve (12.5% / 38 cases)
2015 Humboldt Merlot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (12.9% / 122 cases)
NV Noir d’Orleans, (BDX Blend) Ishi Pishi Ranch* (12.9% / 341 cases)
2016 Humboldt Syrah, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 76 cases)
2016 Humboldt Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.6% / 97 cases)
2015 Humboldt Cabernet, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 52 cases)
2013 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 52 cases)
2014 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (12.7% / 54 cases)
2015 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.2% / 113 cases)

Ishi Pishi Petit Verdot Pack (Offer #3) • $215
Ishi Pishi Ranch is a unique vineyard and this 3 vintage PV pack allows you consider the yearly variations. 2 of each for a 6er.

2013 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 58 cases)
2014 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 52 cases)
2015 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.2% / 113 cases)

Ishi Pishi Reds (Offer #4) • $158
Ishi Pishi Ranch is a unique vineyard and this sampler allows you to to a deep dive into the terroir of North Eastern Humboldt County. The cooler, more northern climate means that grapes are picked at a lower Brix, yielding wines with higher natural acidity and lower alcohol levels. 2 each to make a sixer.

2015 Humboldt Merlot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (12.9% / 122 cases)
2016 Humboldt Syrah, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 76 cases)
2016 Humboldt Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.6% / 97 cases)

Winemaker Select Whites (Offer #5) • $128
Ishi Pishi Ranch and Rondas Vineyards are described to some degree above. Spirit Canyon Vineyard is in Mendocino, between Ukiah and Hopland. Farmed by internationally recognized wine grape expert, Glenn McGourty. 2 each to make a sixer.
2019 Humboldt Dry Gewurtztraminer, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.5% / 84 cases)
2019 Mendocino Arneis, Spirit Canyon Vineyard, (13.4% / 176 case)
2016 Humboldt Chardonnay, Ronda’s Reserve* (12.9% / 84 cases)

The pricing represents a 20-30% off of our normally modest costs. We are primarily a local business with no distribution. We keep our prices down and sell the vast majority of our wine locally inside Humboldt County.


Each 6-pack offer has flat rate shipping of $15. Shipping on a case or more is free. To build a case, combine any 2 6-packs from the list below or pick the Humboldt 12 Case. If you’re shipping to CA ask about a CA bonus.

To place your order: email -
Please include your selection, shipping address, billing address if different and PHONE NUMBER. If you can have your order shipped to a business address, please do so, as it saves me some on the shipping expense. I will be in touch to arrange payment. If you’d rather, send the requested details and call: (707) 923-2429. If you prefer to call in your order, I am more than happy to hear from you. Also, feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone if you have any questions.

It has been a genuine pleasure to be part of the Wine Berserkers community for the last 10+ years. BerserkerDay has been a great way for us to connect our tiny, out of the way Southern Humboldt Winery with wine enthusiasts far and wide. We strive to produce expressive, honest, food-friendly wines that allow our unique terroir to shine through.

I look forward to hearing your feedback as you taste the wines.


Andrew Morris, Winemaker

Below please find some selected notes and some of the story of our winery…

Cellar Tracker Page:

This thread has numerous mentions of our wines with comments from (trusted?) Berserkers:

Here is another Berserker thread:

2015 Briceland Vineyards Humboldt Cabernet Sauvignon Ishi Pishi Ranch
Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - Popped and poured. Aroma of brambly red fruit. Complex, mutable mix of flavors includes berry fruit, herbs, earth, and underbrush. Cassis dominates the finish.
Old fashioned California cabernet, elegant with a touch of rusticity. May be just starting to enter middle age, but there’s plenty of time left on this one.

2016 Briceland Vineyards Syrah Ishi Pishi Ranch Humboldt County
1/5/2021 - CMN WROTE: 93 points
Dark purple and completely opaque with a complex nose of sweet white florals overlaid against dark red berries. The palate follows the nose with dark red and purple berries mixing with floral notes and a subtle dose of barbecued beef, which livens up the midpalate and lingers on the finish. The addition of 2% Viognier lends a pleasing freshness and brings to mind a youthful Côte Rôtie. Acidity is spot on with fine grained tannins that suggest that this will age well for years to come. Still, this is in a good spot if you favor the exuberance of youth.

2015 Briceland Vineyards Petit Verdot Ishi Pishi Ranch Humboldt County more
3/4/2020 - ELPANINARO favorite LIKES THIS WINE: NR
Opened two hours ago- first tasted at opening

rich deep purple red color, when first opened a rich nose of plums and other dark fruits, light floral notes, on the palate generous- almost jammy- cherry fruit with pronounced pencil lead notes and dark thornbushes leading into a final long finish with some chalk tones, over the course of two hours the tannins have become more prominent, but also the refreshingly beautiful scents of white wildflowers plus hints of intense little drops of cherry fruit coated with thorny brambles, violets and cloves, on the palate quite firm now but still approachable, chalk notes more pronounced, this is really quite an exceptional wine, it carries itself well- it has a certain distinguished air about it informed largely by the detailed expressions of terroir and grape, I think it would be quite fun to stick this blind in a Bordeaux line-up and see what people think, a beautiful and unique wine- the violets and lead remind one of Lafite-Rothschild itself- but this is an expression all its own and very much worth seeking out.

()+, 2025++ I would give this at least 5 years to fully mature but it may take longer and will certainly last far longer

Note - This is not only a wine worth cellaring- but for any of you who are fairly new to the Bordeaux region and want to try a 100% Petit Verdot wine so that you can better learn to distinguish its presence in a Bordeaux blend, this is the best example I have ever come across for that purpose.

2019 Briceland Vineyards Gewürztraminer Ishi Pishi Ranch Humboldt County
12/6/2020 - WINESHLUB favorite WROTE: 94 points
Popped and poured. Spicy lichee and stone fruit aroma. Clean flavors of white fruit, minerals. Spice and chalk in the fiinish. Firm backbone, fresh, deep, complex, and very true to its type. Excellent, and one of the best New World gewurztraminers I’ve had. Great QPR.

2016 Briceland Vineyards Pinot Noir Phelps Vineyard Humboldt County
12/30/2020 - CMN favorite WROTE: 91 points
An expressive bouquet of red fruits, purple flowers and spice notes (clove?). The palate reflects the nose with a harmonious melange of fruit, flowers and spice with some savory herbs that are more prominent on the finish. Medium bodied, with good acidity and refined tannins. In a good place now, but with enough structure to drink well for a decade+ from vintage.

2016 Briceland Vineyards Chardonnay Ronda’s reserve Humboldt County
1/5/2020 - DEUX CHEVAUX favorite LIKES THIS WINE: NR
This is rather dramatic — a cornucopia of simultaneously rich and savory / mineral yellow fruit, with lovely balance and fine acidity. Overall somewhat reminiscent of Rhys Bearwallow — at less than half the price. Super over three nights.

2016 Briceland Vineyards Zinfandel Ishi Pishi Ranch Humboldt County
12/25/2020 - CMN favorite WROTE: 94 points
So this is fucking delicious. A unique and pure expression of the grape . Years ago I read a tasting note that said that Briceland Zinfandel tasted like Zinfandel if grown in the Loire Valley and it was spot on. Crunchy red fruits, low alcohol, not overly polished (but not rustic either), just pure yumminess. The acidity is high for a Zin, but this is incredibly well-balanced. Zinfandel is not my favorite grape, but I LOVE this wine. Probably my favorite Zinfandel ever. Get some now; it’s that good.

2019 Briceland Vineyards Arneis Spirit Canyon Vineyard Mendocino County
1/13/2021 - CMN favorite WROTE: 91 points
Light straw colored with a nose of lemon and lemon pith overlayed with florals, apricot and jalapeno without the spice. On the palate, the wine is crisp with flavors of lemon and mineral, light-medium bodied, slightly oily with an acidic spine and a persistent finish. Drinking well today, but should hold for several years.

Briceland Vineyards has been producing distinctive small batch wine in Southern Humboldt County since 1985. Joe Collins, my step-father, along with my mother Maggie Carey, began researching the viability of planting grapes in our area with a small experimental vineyard and weather data collection in the late 70’s. Joe is widely credited with establishing commercial wine-growing in our area.

Maggie & Joe built the winery up slowly over 20+ years, gradually increasing production as demand grew and more local vineyards came online. About 80% of our production is from Humboldt County grapes, most of which are farmed organically in tiny hillside vineyards. The remaining 20% comes from nearby Mendocino County. We take pride in supporting our local community and our community has supported us as well – over 90% of our wine sells within 75 miles of the winery without the aid of brokers or distributors.

Briceland Vineyards has long been a proponent of organic farming. Most of the grapes used to make the wines offered above have been farmed organically. Some of the vineyards that we work with are so small that they no longer maintain the certification, but they continue to farm organically. If you’d like details on this, let me know.

In 2011, I (Andrew Morris) took over the winemaking responsibilities after completing my apprenticeship with my step father, Joe Collins. The winery already had a stellar reputation locally and among a few, in the know Mendocino folks when I stepped up. I promised myself not to change things unless I was sure the new way was better. If the wine is good, credit goes to the Joe for teaching me well and to the vineyard managers for good farming and to the sites themselves. If not, that’s on me.

I would like to order an offer #1 & offer #4. Kevin Christianson 309.212.9176

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Going with the Ronda’s Vineyard pack, love these wines Andrew.

Email coming

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I can heartily endorse Andrew’s wines and am only passing this year because I still have 95 bottles of 57 different Briceland wines still in the cellar from past years. These aren’t fruit bombs, but are wines of precision that illustrate that you can have great concentration without heavy extraction and they work well by themselves but really take off with a meal.


Andrew’s wines are fantastic! Buy them all!

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Love these wines, put in a pre-berserker day order!

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I did a pre BD case order also. Andrew makes great stuff!

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Thanks for chiming in, Mike. As you know, I really appreciate your support, comments and encouragement over the years.

It sounds like you have a drinking problem. Not enough drinking…

My stepfather, Joe Collins, from whom I learned winemaking once said to me: “If you don’t sell these wines, I won’t get to make more next year…”

Email sent. Excited to try these!

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Really enjoyed these last year so in again. Fine value! Thanks again Andrew.


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I’m in after watching this go by the past few years - excited to try them.

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Hi Rodrigo,

Nice to chat a second ago. Thanks for giving us a shot and thanks for posting!

Email sent on the Ronda’s Vineyard Pack, looking forward to trying these!

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In for the Rhonda’s Vineyard pack. Thanks to Andrew for his offer and very excited to try these!

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Email Sent for a Ronda’s.
These are really nice wines, great QPR, highly recommended.
Thanks Andrew for these offers.

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for your comments and your continued support.

Thanks toJake and Dustin for giving us a shot…

Go Berserkers!

Andrew are there any notes on the Merlot. I don’t think I even knew you made a merlot. I’ve had about every other wine at some point but that one and possibly the Petit Verdot. I’m assuming it will be amazing because wines from Ishi Pishi seem to only be awesome. For as awesome as your pinot noirs are, people shouldn’t sleep on the Zin, Syrah, and Gwertz. All three are wow wines to me.

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Hi Chad,

Thanks for your comments on the Zin, Syrah, and Gewurtz. I agree that they are unusual and tasty. The Merlot is one that I bottle from time to time, depending on how much goes into the Noir d’Orleans BDX blend. This one is well structured and savory more than fruity compared to most Merlots I find. Hope that helps.

Thanks for asking.

I’m in for more from a favorite producer.

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Trying the Ronda’s as an introduction to this producer. Thanks for the help, Mike!