Briceland Vineyards - Humboldt's Finest Since 1985

Mary, Joe, Corey and everyone else:

Thanks very much for your support in term of your purchases and here on the Board. It means the world to our tiny, off the beaten path winery.


I don’t yet see it. Don’t worry. We will connect.

If Charlie grabs the Pinot, I’m in. Love that country palate from the real Florida squire.

Hi Dave,

I see your email and I have your order. Thanks for giving us a shot!

What did you end up ordering, Owl?

Buying some Humboldt Pinots. If Alfert (with his Ovid-ized palate) likes it, I might not. Gonna be interesting!


I love Andrew’s wines! Buy with confidence!
I especially enjoy the Humboldt Zinfandel - it’s a totally different take on the grape, and right up my alley. My wife’s eyes also light up a bit any time I pull out a Briceland Pinot Noir, too!
The only thing that prevents me from getting at least a case every BD is the sad reality of kids and budgets.

Timing is everything, or nothing.
Andrew just last week put together a case for me, still, looking to add some additional.
I really should pull more corks of these to trim down the 60+ I have in the cellar; yet I add more.
You won’t be disappointed.

Briceland has been a great discovery via Berserker Day. Always a pleasure to restock.

Going case, email sent. Always a winner out of the cellar.

Andrew will make the call. We chatted.

Since my wife Chris likes Pinot, this could be good, some red we both can share

Thanks Robert, Rich, Geoff, Ron, Adam, Richard and Corey for your orders and your support here on the board.

Andrew, sent you a mail for
2 x Ishi Pishi Reds
2 x 5 Whites and a Pink



I am in for a case for the second year in a row. His wines have such great balance. I agree with someone’s comment in another threat that Andrew’s zin might be what zin could be like if grown in the Loire. Also, if you want to experience terrior, try a few Ishi Pishi wines.

Hi Karl and Patrick,

Thanks for coming back and re-stocking.


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your help with my order.

No problem, Don. Nice to talk to you.

Greetings Andrew,

Would love 2 packs of Ishi Pishi Petit Verdot Pack (Offer #3) • $215 if still available. At office right now, but will email you in a couple of hours.

Ok so you have me down for all the stuff I ordered

We’re in for 5 whites and a pink!