Brandt Beef

I’ve gotten hooked on Brandt Beef over the last few years since they started carrying this at How’s. The taste is very similar to what I remember great beef tasting like when I was served roast at my grandparents house over 30 years ago.
Is this beef in any way related to the beef from Flannery?

The bulk of Flannery’s “CA Reserve” product is from Brandt. He buys the whole primals and then ages them onsite in Corte Madera.

Peter, How’s will occasionally get limited amounts of Brandt prime steaks. Is it as good as Flannery? No but it is about a third the price and the steaks are generally very good.

Walter, Just finished off some really good prime steaks from Brandt. Sometimes they don’t have it out, but asking helps.


Which location are you referring to?


Brett, I usually go to the one in the South Bay.