Braised short ribs

Finally some cool weather in L.A. Braised short ribs. A Cut Above in Santa Monica has exceptional meat. Simple braise with carrots onions shallots garlic parsley bay leave thyme a touch of tomato paste and chicken broth &red wine. Served with smashed potatoes and broccoli. Caroline Morey Chassagne Rouge was a great match.


Those ribs look great, and I absolutely love her wines.

You don’t get tinny notes from acids in that pan?

my range/pan/counter look almost exactly the same as yours…

Normally I would use a Le Creuset (cast iron/enamel) for this dish but since it was such small amount I just pulled out this very old cast iron skillet. Didn’t notice any negatives, but?

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I don’t recall ever getting metallic notes from using a bit of wine in a properly-seasoned cast iron pan.