Braised Chicken on Rice and Peas w/CndP

Last night’s dinner was Pollo Real whole chicken legs braised with garlic, rosemary, mint, and chervil in half dry vermouth and half chicken stock. When the chicken was done, I removed it and turned up the heat to reduce the braising liquid and added green peas. When the rice was ready I plated it, added the now cooked peas and a little broth. Then I put the chicken on the rice with more of the reduced braising liquid, It was tasty with an initially very funky 1998 Vieux Telegraphe.Chateauneuf-du-Pape. The funk steadily blew off and left an enjoyable rich dark fruit nose and flavors, ok acidity and a little soft tannins, with a medium long rich fruit finish.

Then for dessert we had Martin Collette Brie and a nice blue stilton with a ripe Bosc pear, raisins, and mixed nuts and a nice 2001 Ridge Buchignani Ranch Zinfandel - rich dark berry fruit, ok acidity, with a medium long berry fruit finish. An enjoyable still warm evening.

Did it seem like most of the alcohol got cooked out of the vermouth during the braising process? I assume you braised in a covered pot/pan, no? Or, did the alcohol get cooked out during the reduction process, which I know was done uncovered?

I started the braising uncovered, then covered it until the chicken was done, then uncovered it for reduction, which got rid of most of the alcohol.

The finished broth wasn’t noticibly alcoholic, just nice flavors.

Cool; good to know. I like the concept behind that braising liquid.