Brad Swallow, for you!

This coming week, I will be posting my legendary tasting notes on 2007 Domaine de la Romanee Conti wines.

Stay tuned…

Don’t you mean the your notes on the legendary wines?

You could write legendary notes on something else and save yourself some serious cash. [grin.gif]

based on the thread title, I thought I had clicked into NSFW newhere


I meant what I said! neener


I think we will just remove the “n” from your last name. neener

I am honored, of course.

Unless you include RMP’s scores with your notes, I am afraid they will make no sense.

Thanks for the heads up. Always enjoy your work. Love the enthusiasm.

Blizzard has postponed the tasting to Thursday, but I am about to put up some notes on a Burg dinner from last night.