Bouchardly Fair

Cracked a 2007 Bouchard Meursault ‘Les Clous’…corked, busted a half of 2000 Bouchard Chevalier-Montrachet….completely oxidised, opened a half of 2007 Blain-Gagnard Chassagne…corked again, I think I’ve pissed off the wine gods somehow. Finally a 2007 Roulot Bourgogne Blanc behaved beautifully with all of its finesse and restraint and crammed with those piercing citrussy things that I love.

A couple of reds of note;

2008 Foillard Morgon ‘Cuvee Corcelette’: This wine is like biting in to a Mirabelle Plum, it is sweet, fleshy and stony. It is a little lighter than the 08 ‘Cote du Py’ but quite beguiling with plenty of red fruits, a little spice and some fruit skin action (think of the smell emitted when rubbing a passionfruit skin). It has a lovely silky texture and finishes fine and lacy.

2001 Roda II Rioja Reserva: Quite dark and unevolved with dark brooding fruits that may be just a half a degree ripe as it comes across as being just a little raisiny. This is modern, creamy and well made with barely a hair out of place. It is an internationally styled red that is pleasant to drink but you find yourself yearning for a bit more ‘Riojaness’ as you make your way through the bottle.



Ouch, I feel your pain. I would have never pegged you as a Rioja drinker by the way, despite the fact that Roda is quite modern.

Some of the very best wines I’ve ever drunk have been old CVNE and Lopez de Heredia Rioja.
Best Regards