Bottles Below Market Price

has any one experience restaurant’s wine list are below market price?
Indian Accent Has 2014 DRC G Echezeaux for $1500 WS$2600+

Sure if they get bottles at release price and don’t bother to update prices with market inflation.

always the goal

That’s part of the fun game. Reading the wine list to find the intersection of what you want to drink with discount from (or least premium to) fair value!

and seeing off vintages priced significantly more than great ones for the same wine

There’s a steakhouse here in SD that sells 2016 Coup de Foudre Cabernet for $100. Retail it goes for more. Excellent wine at a great restaurant price.

Wine list arbitrage is one of my favorite activities. It’s cheaper to fly to Europe and drink Raveneau and Coche and Roumier across the pond than it is to try to buy it at retail/auction here.

Shocking that I was able to drink “cheap” Roumier in Canada recently. Everything but most of Burgundy was disgustingly overpriced.

Burgundy is the best arbitrage opportunity. The delta between the cellar door and the market, plus the price appreciation in recent years, makes for opportunities.

yep, almost walked out when I started looking at the list. Took a bit of page turning to get to the bargain section

Always got to keep looking. Somewhere in there. There’s something good!

Had a dinner in 2006 in Paris. At La Tour d’Argent. Yeah, the food is mediocre, but the room is beautiful and the wine list crazy good. Had my parents and wife. The good window table. I ordered 3 bottles of wine for the 4 of us (and we had a champagne starter). 1990 Roumier “Bonnes Mares”, “Amoureuses” and “Musigny”. Total cost for the 3 bottles was $3,000. WineMarketJournal says they hammer at $25,000 today. Even back then it was a nicely under market deal at a way over market restaurant!

Agreed. Even as recently as a few years ago there was a restaurant in SF with 2005 Roumier Bonnes Mares on their list for ~$600. And then there was the Herbfarm just outside Seattle with 1969 Leroy Meursault Perrieres for $450. It’s not common but I feel there are always bargains somewhere if you look hard enough