Bottle racking suggestions

Looking for simple inexpensive cellar racking. I have mostly Pinot type bottles and seems like most are designed for Bordeaux style.

Looking for something like this

I’ve been happy with the wire style tall racks. Accommodate most bottle shapes, definitely most pinot and BDX style, and IMO look better. I mainly use them for things that will be consumed in the shorter run, rather than longer aging, as I’ve worried somewhat about more light exposure and greater temperature fluctuation since the wines are more exposed, and therefore (presumably) don’t retain temperature as well as if they were more tightly grouped. However, some recent bottles that have spent a few years on those racks in a passive underground cellar have me thinking I needn’t worry too much, though admittedly the wines I hope will last for decades aren’t on those racks.

Depending on what your space looks like the least expensive racking you can have is used styrofoam shippers turned on their side and stacked. I use these in my crawl space for a part of my racking and they do accommodate most every bottle shape. This works well if you have the space and you are not concerned about ascetics.

I have 2 of those racks pictured in my locker. Sturdy, affordable and easy to assemble. Think it’s around $65 at Amazon

Echo this. Also, fill it from bottom to top as the shelves sag a little when full. It makes placing/pulling bottles into the lower racks a real pain if completly full up top.

So, those who are recommending the pictured product, will I have issues with all or mostly Pinot style bottles?

If it’s mostly Pinot bottles I would pass on the pictured product.

We just stocked up on extra racks at

We got some wood and some wire- the wire ones are great value.

Many sizes, and easy to go double deep!

We got some 152, “go double deep” for 304 bottles…29 inches wide…180 bucks! They hold pinot bottle easily.