Boston Metro West OL Thursday 5/14

Great meeting all of you guys, and of course thanks Ron for setting it all up!

Can’t wait to see the lazy Susan wine display :slight_smile:

Kevin, Bouchard was 2012.

The CdP from Vieux Telegraphe was one of my favorites of the night, and my first time really trying a CdP. Are they seen as the gold standard? What other CdP should I look into tasting?

Brian, VT is certainly one of the better producers in the more “traditional” CdP camp. Some of my other favorite CdPs are Pegau, Beaucastel, Clos de Papes…

I’m sure you’ll find a lot of discussion in Wine Talk about “traditional” versus “modern” CdP styles (differing with regards to destemming and oak, etc). The region has changed a lot since Parker “discovered” them.

If you really get into it, here is the ultimate guidebook:

Was anyone going to post the lazy Susan pictures with all the wine bottles?

Brian, I have a lazy susan video . . . I’ll play around on the site tomorrow to figure out how to upload this. Might be totally straight forward but have never done it before

Video is 90megs so a little prohibitive to post.

If anybody wants the lazy susan video, PM me and I’ll send it to you via an FTP site. I played around with a few programs to try to decrease the video size, but I’m just not that good with those software programs!

These messages are so old, but I’m newly in Boston and looking for a wine community. Any activity?