Books about Tuscany

My parents are going to Tuscany this coming year and have asked me to help them find a book they can read to get acquainted with the region a little. They are NOT berserkers, and want something that tells a story probably even moreso than gives a history lesson, but they do want to have a little understanding of the region along the way. There is such a storied history in the region I figure there have to be some good ones. Any suggestions?

While there it does play somewhat to the geek crowd, Kerin O’Keefe’s Brunello book would be a great place for them to get some depth on Montalcino. Unfortunately I can’t think of anything for Chianti

I mentioned this one a while ago

Also, fellow WB M.Richman gave me this book (on release) and I quite liked it

Vino Italiano - Regional Wines of Italy

The first one is far more in depth on the wine aspects, but is also deeper on all the regional aspects as well.

I have a number of Ms. George’s books, although have not read them all yet. I just got her (newer) one on the wines of Faugeres AOC.

Are you looking for a wine book? Or just one of the region?

I think they’d prefer one that is mostly about the region but has a little bit of wine scattered in

I think the World of Fine Wine book on Tuscany might appeal. The usual great photography (too much for my tastes, but for the target audience it might be perfect); bite size profiles, history and geography. All very easy to digest.

It is however a wine book, rather than a regional guide, regional wine and food guide.

I think this is a good read (and available used pretty cheap)

Did you say TUSCANY? Paging Suckling!

I was thinking of that one, too. It focuses on the winery owners and winemakers and has lots of photos. Pretty approachable for someone who’s not a wine geek, I think.