Bookmark feature - how I love thee!

I didn’t even realize we had a ‘bookmark’ feature, and I love it, now that I started using it. It defines itself (you are bookmarking a post so you can easily find it later) and I wish I had it on the prior software as there were a few threads/posts I had to add as browser bookmarks, cluttering up my bookmark/favorites list when I could isolate it here instead.

Here’s how:

End of a thread, expand the menu with ‘show more’ by clicking the three dots

In ‘show more’ you will then see some additional action items, including ‘bookmark this post’

Once bookmarked, you can easily find it anytime thereafter via your profile menu:

When you click the post(s) you have bookmarked, it takes you immediately there.


You want some lessons on how to use the internet from a boomer? :crazy_face:

It’s a great feature, I’ve been using it for a while now. Particularly great for bookmarking threads where there is a lot of travel advice, or something you return to frequently, like the wordle thread.


I’ve used the ‘watching’ features before

But ‘bookmark’ is different, as it’s specific posts you know you’ll want to look up again and this makes it easier. I can think of one fantastic Burgundy vintage post from a while back, how I WISH I had that bookmarked!

OK, now you taught me something new. I thought the Bookmark feature was just for threads, not individual posts. That’s pretty cool.

Can’t bookmark a topic but works well enough to get you in the thread.

I hadn’t realized that the bookmark icon is available on every post, I only saw it on the first post of threads, so mistakenly thought that’s what I was doing.

Nevermind Ignore It GIF - Nevermind Ignore It Gilda Radner GIFs

Lecture us again on your technical prowess, Alan!!! :rofl:

Details, details. At least I knew about it :wow: