Bond Matriarch - 2016

Just received an offer for Bond’s 2016 Matriarch. (About $175 per bottle plus tax and shipping).


Offer came out with the 2017 Portfolio (missing Pluribus) 4-pk @ $500/per bottle.

I’m thinking about picking up a 3-pk of the Matriarch. Really enjoyed the 2013 a few months ago.


The '13 I recently opened was so harsh and tannic that I let it sit out for almost 48 hours before consuming more than a glass. Was an utterly massive wine. Was tough to drink on day 1. What was your experience?

I believe I decanted for ~3 hours. From what I remember, it was a huge wine, and even though the tannins were grippy and you could feel the alcohol, it was still drinking nicely. Balanced between dark fruits and dried herbal characteristics. Could use more time, but I seem to start enjoying domestic Cabs the most around the 7-8 year mark. I have a couple more from release so looking forward to softening of the tannins and continued integration of flavors.

With the 2016s, I think they will be more approachable in their youth than the 2013s, so I think it’ll be interesting to compare going forward.

Makes sense. Yes agreed, after proper time open it was quite nice. Will likely give the remainder of my bottles another 3-5 years before trying again. I agree with you for the most part. I like 10-15 years on my domestic wines

Buyer since 13 vintage. Love Matriarch.
No Pluribus for 17 because of fires/smoke. Sounds like they had a shot to harvest but decided to wait. Whoops.

Our 2019 Matriarch finally found its way to us. Definitely not cracking it open for a while. Any consensus on how recent vintages stack up against Bond proper? Also really curious about how it compares to other Harlan family second labels (Penultimate, Maiden)…