Black Light your Labels

After re-reading “Billionaires Vinegar” I remembered reading wineries were starting to imbed things in the labels to prevent counterfeiting. Anyone know of other bottles that are using this? These were the only wines that lit up in my cellar.

Very cool. That Sassicaia is pretty neat. Did you take each bottle out, or were you able to see a “glow” emanating from bottles on their sides in the racks?

I’m guessing PJ just brought some baller wines to a nightclub so he could grab that shot [drinkers.gif]


But won’t the vibration caused by all the bass from the techno house music damage the wines?

Not if he drinks them all at the club!

I have a small battery powered black light wand that I used. It would light up in the rack, but I took them out so you could see them better. The 1994 d’Yquem lit up the most. The Petrus, 1991 d’Yquem and Sassicaia are empty.
I’m curious how many other bottles have this.

Oh. So you’ve met Nicholas Jolie and discussed his wine aging theories with him.

By the way, d’Yquem under a black light becomes muddy and opaque. Strange.

Bodily fluids, cat pee and such, will also glow under a black light. Just saying.

That UV light just destroyed those wines.

Its also a way to authenticate.
Prior to about the early 1960’s paper should not fluoresce. The ultra white chemical did not yet exist.
The DRC are fake. The Haut Brion & Petrus are real.

I see Maureen also goes all out at the club…

The new DRC has some blacklight features. Unsure what vintage they started but its been over the last 2-4 vintages.

When I asked him how well his wines aged, he asked me if I had electrical conduit running through my cellar. I lied and said no. I asked why? He said that the magnetic fields around the wires would destroy the ageability of the wines. I did not know whether to ask him to see the scientific study proving that idea or to see the tin foil liner under his chapeau.

None of my bottles glowed, which is disappointing, but not as disappointing as realizing that the the mustard stain on my shirt still existed.