Birthday dinner - wine picks

It’s my 41st tomorrow (yikes) and I would appreciate some views on wine recommendations. As restaurants are closed here again, it will be a modest affair with sushi delivered by a nice Japanese chef and just my girlfriend and 4 kids (ranging 1 - 8 years old, so no wine but no quiet atmosphere to drink something requiring lots of attention either) in attendance.

I’ve got the following shortlist:
Krug ‘04
Clos Ste Hune ‘13
Keller Kirchspiel or Abtserde ‘14 or ‘15
Azores Wine Company Vinha Centenaria ‘16
Huet Le Mont Demi-sec ‘02
Boxler Sommerberg Riesling ‘95

If you had to pick one bottle, what would your choice be?

My personal inclination is towards the Krug as the others I’d either like to leave in the cellar a bit longer (wines 2-4) or have recently tried (last two). But if any is drinking particularly well, I’d happily open it.


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I’m not sure why you wouldn’t do the Krug '04, as that should be singing now. If I picked one, that would be it, for sure!

Fair enough. It’s my last bottle and I’m sort of hoping it might improve still. And I’m fearing cost of replacement I guess :roll_eyes:

It would depend on sushi I guess. Clean, beautiful sashimi and sushi: I would pick the Clos St-Hune (keep in mind I’ve ever only had it once, different vintage with more age). Modern makis with all kinds of fried tempura, mayonnaise and such: Krug.

Considering that I almost never drink Clos St-Hune, it would feel more special to me.

And, happy 41st birthday!

You are never going to time it perfectly. Find a good moment and go for it!

You might enjoy the Kirchspiel, but it’s too early for the Abtserd in my thoughts. I too would go with the 2004 Krug.