Bink Wines????

Four/five yrs ago I had some interesting wines out of the YorkvilleHighlands from Deborah & Cindy at BinkWnry.
Since then, I’ve seen/heard nary a word about them. When you look at their WebSite (, last updated in 2009, most of the wines for sale ar '05-'07 vintage.
Anybody know if they’re still in businees?? Two great ladies who I thought were on the fast-track to wine stardom from an area that should get better recognition. And I did…ahem…follow them from the very start.

They harvested grapes last Fall and have a tasting room that was still open a couple months ago.


Tom, We are still around and doing well. Our website has been updated recently although I am not sure why it says 2009 on it. The vintages are correct though, we have held on to our wines before releasing them. We just opened a tasting room last May in Philo in the Anderson Valley so that we could have an outlet to sell our wines. The recession made distribution tough in a couple of markets for us. We continue to make small lot wines from the Yorkville Highlands and now from the Anderson Valley as well and are still at about 1200 cases a year. Deb Scahtzlein

Welcome Deb!!! Always great to have winemakers participating here so hopefully we will see lots of you around these parts.

Thanks for getting back to me, Deb. I hadn’t seen you & Cindy at RhoneRangers & I was beginning to worry.
Trust you both are still on the fast track to wine stardom???