Biggio Hamina Pinot Noir

A local wine store has some 2008 Biggio Hamina pinot in stock. Their computer indicates that it is Zenith vineyard, but the label does not indicate Zenith. Anyone know if the label in 2008 actually stated Zenith?

First photo seems to indicate Zenith on the label.

Looking at Cellartracker, if there is no vineyard designate, it is likely a Willamette Valley “blend”. It looks like Biggio Hamina made a few single vineyard designates in 2008, including Zenith, Ana, Deux Vert, and Momtazi. Then again, CT is always 100% accurate, and I can’t access the B-H site from work to look for the wines actually produced.

Zenith states “Zenith” in bold letter in center, bottom part of the label.

There you go.

Todd - hope to see you back in Richmond soon.

I need to get something on schedule.