Biggio Hamina - Berserker Day

The theme is “Things we don’t do anymore” six pack. This doesn’t mean will will not make them in the future, but… if you like our wines/want to try something fun/cannot help yourself.

Here is the offer:

2008 XIV Syrah/Viognier (14% Viognier) $25
2009 XVII Syrah/Viognier (17% Viognier) $40
2010 Riesling Amity vineyard (planted in 1974) $17
2012 Zenith vineyard Pinot noir (Pommard and 777) $50
2012 Riesling Sunnyside vineyard (planted in 1972) $17
2014 Youngberg Hill vineyard Pinot noir (Pommard and Wädenswil) $40

Total $189 less 15% = $160 + shipping n/c

All the reds have a bunch of whole cluster and are in a good drinking window. The Rieslings are heavy lees contact and dry as a bone. As with all our wines they are spontaneous fermentations, full malo, not cold/heat/protein stabilized, nor are they filtered.

PM with the shipping address, phone number and I will call after the Madness has ended. If you are a lurker, or don’t like to PM, just email me.

Thanks and Happy Berserker Day!!


Also, I am bottling Thursday so hang tight mes amis.

We were fortunate enough to get a barrel tasting when we visited Todd 1 1/2 years ago on an Oregon Trip.

I don’t write detailed tasting notes on barrel samples, just impressions. This was a good impression.

  • 2009 Biggio Hamina Cellars Syrah XVII - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Yamhill-Carlton (8/12/2014)
    Barrel sample after 57 months in barrel and two weeks before bottling. Contains 17% Viognier.

This is an amazing wine!

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Thanks Brig, just finished a smooth bottling run today. Thanks to those who jumped in already!

Todd’s wines are the BOMB!, Todd I probably have all of these, but I’m in for a Berserkerday Special. These are no doubters!

Done. I love the wines of our resident mad scientist.
But, dude…
No pink gew?

The pink Gew has not yet finished malo, so it is not included. Plus it is more orange this year.

Thanks Charlie!

Thanks to all so far, and I will be calling Monday to sort out the payment details. This gives me a few days to order the correct amount of shippers too.

PM sent for an order.


Buy these wines!

I have to say - his wines are fantastic.
My wife basically says AUTOBUY on these.
And we just did.

Just PM’d you Todd. Can’t wait.

You blew me off (6 of us) when I showed up for an appointment V in the fall of 2015 on our first trip to OR. In fact when I texted you about the meeting your reply was just “something came up”. I must say I held a grudge but was back in McMinnville for one night this last fall showing my 16 year old colleges from Eugene to Seattle and had dinner at Nick’s.

I was looking for something from the 2010 vintage to drink and your Zenith PN was on the menu - It was delicious. Waiting to order though until we actually have a visit because my wife likes to drink places she has a connection with. Good Luck and I do hope our paths cross someday.


The 2010 Amity vineyard Riesling was a swan song for us. When I worked at Archery Summit for Gary Andrus my wife and I rented a house from Myron Redford. Polar opposites, but tremendous cork pullers. I learned a bunch from both of them. Anyways Myron was looking to sell some PN but I wanted Riesling. And because of our relationship he slid me a bit more than a ton in 09. In the summer of 11 old Kiwi friends were visiting the States so we had a dinner party and inviting Myron too. He had me open a few of the 09’s and kept looking at me. Finally he said that he liked mine better than his. No mas fruit for me, but a terrific compliment.

Sorry Bill, something did come up. I will make it up to you. For reals.

I have thought about it, half off whatever you buy on your visit. We can open whatever you want. I do my utmost not to drop the ball. Hopefully, this will satisfy my neglect.

Todd that is much appreciated and more than fair - I do really look forward to meeting you and getting to know your wines - I am confident they are made in a style we enjoy - love to learn and getting your take on how to determine the use of whole clusters and in what proportions etc would be a welcome opportunity.

Whole cluster is the best exercise for a perfume junkie. The tricky bit is that after 4-5 days post dryness the wines taste wrecked, so you have to wait for the beauty to return and then press off… If you can handle the stress, you’re fine.

The Syrah. I had never made it before, but had grown up drinking Southern French swill. We launched our label in April of 2007. Most fruit contracts had been handled by the then, which is usual. What could we get?

Deux Vert vineyard had PN, Syrah and Melon de Bourgogne. I’m not that smart. So we roll with those wines from that vineyard. If you are keen on Crozes-Hermitage or St. Joseph we may have something to talk about…

I believe I had one of those Syrahs from Berserker Day 2 years ago.
Wife and I thought it was excellent and quite different than Syrahs in California - which is great!!
Nice demonstration of the terroir.