Big Thursday

Big Thursday…when Jaffurs/Bedrock/Carlisle/Cedarville all arrive on the same day. My FedX guy got a nice tip. 27 cases worth. Pray for me.

attaboy Tom - will be out in Santa Fe shortly. let’s pull some corks.


That’s one of the sexiest pictures I’ve seen in a while…

I post a pic and 2 replies in one minute. Don’t you guys have a real life!!! :astonished:

Pretty nicely finished garage…

We panic when we get that many deliveries in a day.

Gotta confess…I’ve Pobega’d 3 btls already…maybe 4 before night is done. Definitive TN’s tomorrow.

You’re going to need a furniture dolly for that pile :astonished:

wow- do you have room for all of those bottles?

Some of that is for your group?

I don’t buy that much in a year!

Most of those wines are for my group. Parceling out the wines for some 15 folks is a PitA. Only about 2.5 cs are for myself, part of which will go into tastings. Will Pobega the Bedrock Nervo '15 today.

It’s called a garage. I just stick it out there & leave it for 20 yrs under
uncontrolled temps, then start ripping corks. I’ll report back in 20 yrs. [snort.gif]

in my garage, we don’t have sofas and a carpet and we pay $450.00 a month to park there. [snort.gif]

How soon is your garage turning into a tasting room? Just need a great food truck parked in the driveway and you’re good to go. I’d make the 6 hour trek for that stuff!

Ah, truly interstate wine. 4 the first day!

Did you have to move the fish tank?

Wow. Just…wow.

Digging the stylish pattern on the couches! Tres chic!


Ps. You have a bigger storage problem than I do!

Do you drink your wines alphabetically?