Big Ridge dump on Winebid, also 70s Diamond Creeks

Going back to the 70’s, bunches of Zins (regular and ATP), Cabs, Petites, etc. Only a few Monte Bellos but a bunch of Jimsomare Cabs and Zins. I’m assuming these are mostly from a single cellar. The 90s include a number of ATP with Barbera, Grenache, Mataro, etc.

Opening bid levels are reasonable.

The 70s Diamond Creek might be from the same cellar.

Nothing to see here. Everybody just move along…


Ah, not enough coffee on a Monday morning! newhere [smileyvault-ban.gif]

I am on a few bottles - sierradoc - so please don’t run up my costs. Thank You.

as am I, cofidis2…need them for an up coming tasting.

Thats why its best to speak of a Sunday nights winebid auction, only on the Monday AFTER.

no kidding [oops.gif]


Tempted to delete this thread. [stirthepothal.gif]

Might as well leave it up, at least it tells us who the other bidders really are.
I certainly wouldn’t bid against Wes (YHN) but I had no idea who the rest of you were.

I notice many of these wines are zins. How do these older zins hold up. I keep hearing that zins need to be drunk up relatively young. Any comments on these older Ridge zins and how they might drink now?

Ridge is known for making classic styled Zinfandel that ages great. It’s not about the grape but the wine making when it comes to the ability to age in most cases.

Arthur - they generally rock. Been drinking a lot of 1990s Ridge Zin the past 5 years and had 1980s Zins before that. Have not gone younger than 1992 in a few years now.

[oops.gif] …sorry. I always wondered who that was

Worst… thread… ever…


Some might argue it’s about the wine making, not the grape, when zinfandel is made in ways that don’t reward age. deadhorse

I have no clue what you mean here Vincent.

I only mentioned it because I was pissed that I got outbid at the last minute Sunday on a 91 Heitz Martha’s.

Anyway, you big spenders are gonna be bidding on those $220 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hills from the 70s not those crappy Ridge Zins! And you definitely won’t be buying any of those old, dead Ridge Petites. You guys have better sense than that.

BTW, my handle’s Piedmont.

I feel misled about this thread. The title led me to believe it was about poop. [neener.gif]

YHN has locked up quite a few of these … my handle is playalvr2 (which is not me bragging that I’m a player, though that isn’t necessarily untrue, but is beach[playa] lover [lvr])… so you don’t outbid me just by mistake…

and for those who get shut out at 5:59 pm on Sunday… you can always put in an Autobid for those bottles you really really really have to have that protects you and isn’t triggered unless some snake comes in to try to steal your stash.