Big List in Honor of La Paulee - Lots of Red Burgs + White, Bdx, Champagne, Barolo, Egon & Keller Germans + Many More

A nice fresh list of great wines from many of the best producers in Burgundy…not a DRC/Leroy list but stuff you can buy at all price points:

Some of the burgs:
Chevillon, Gouges, Bathod, Fourrier, Fotrey, Faively, Rouget, bachelet, Morter, Lamarcge, Lignier (H), Grivot, Chezeaux, Jadot, Rossignol, Boillot, Pillot, Roulot

Mix of some 70s, a few before and after this decade, then several new decade 2005 and earlier

Small, but elite pack of Rhones

Back vintage Rinaldi, Cavallotto, Sandrone, Produttori, Lina Maga

Keller and Egon Germans!

Cali: 70-80-90s reds plus some new sparklers

EMAIL me for the list, I won’t respond here or to DMs here…